College Q&A: Motorcycle Basic RiderCourses coming up

July 14, 2012 at 2:14 a.m.

Julian Cavazos

Julian Cavazos

I just bought a motorcycle. Does Victoria College offer any motorcycle safety classes?

Yes, Victoria College offers several Motorcycle Basic RiderCourse classes throughout the year, with the next one coming up on Friday, Aug. 3 through Sunday, Aug. 5 in the Victoria College Services and Training Building.

The Motorcycle Basic RiderCourse teaches new riders the basics - how to operate a motorcycle, the best protective clothing to wear, how to avoid dangerous situations and much more.

"Riders learn how to effectively maneuver a motorcycle, including slow speeds, tight turns, and other situations that you will encounter when riding in traffic," said Stephen Fuhrman, one of the course's instructors, who has been riding for 45 years.

Each course takes three days to complete, which is equivalent to 17 training hours, and costs $195. Riders are provided with a helmet and motorcycle for training.

At the end of the course, riders get to practice what they learned in the course on the classroom parking lot. Though the course is designed for beginners, experienced riders can also benefit from it.

"People who have been riding for some time often develop bad riding habits or may have not learned any new riding techniques in a long time," Fuhrman said. "When the course is over, I often hear these riders say that they didn't realize they would learn so many new things."

Successful completion of the course should waive the driving portion of the Texas Department of Public Safety's driving exam. Riders will still be required to take a written and vision exam at the DPS office.

Registration for the course takes place in the VC Continuing Education Center, Room 114. Classes are limited to 12 students and fill up quickly, so sign up early. For more information on the course, or to see the course schedule, visit, e-mail, or call 361-582-2528.

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