Health care needs reform, but ACA too expensive

July 15, 2012 at 2:15 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I have mixed emotions about the recent Supreme Court decision on health care. Our health care system is sorely in need of reform, but I fear the Affordable Health Care Act will not be affordable. How can you enact the following provisions without markedly increasing costs?

1. Bar lifetime cost limits on insurance coverage.

2. Continue coverage for dependent children until age 26.

3. Do away with doughnut hole coverage gap in part D.

4. Prohibit coverage denial based on pre-existing conditions.

How much would regular life insurance cost if pre-existing conditions could not be considered? Besides affordability, I am concerned about the ability of our health care delivery system (hospitals, nurses, doctors and other personnel) to handle the influx of newly insured patients. I see nothing in the new legislation that will increase the number of health care providers. The fuzzy math Congress used when the ACA was passed will not hold up in real life.

The Republicans should not simply say that they would repeal the ACA, but should rather say that they would keep certain provisions and also make the entire program affordable. My advice to the American public is to buckle up for what I feel will be a wild medical insurance ride the next few years. Your health care providers will do the best job we can, but we are going to be stretched thin.

Carleton K. Thompson Jr., M.D. Hallettsville



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