City to rename extensions of parts of Ball Airport Road, Glascow Street

Melissa Crowe By Melissa Crowe

July 17, 2012 at 2:17 a.m.
Updated July 18, 2012 at 2:18 a.m.

Growing pains come in all forms - even street signs.

Two of Victoria's thoroughfares will soon be renamed to avoid future addressing confusion similar to the situation on Larkspur and East Larkspur streets a few years ago.

Victoria Planning Services Director Jared Mayfield presented a report to city council Tuesday evening highlighting Glascow Street and Ball Airport Road as two potential problem areas when future developments move in.

Mayfield said it is rare for a city to rename its streets because changing an address can have a huge impact on the affected people.

"Think of all you have tied up in your address - your Social Security card, your bank account, drivers license," he said. "It's a big deal to change an address and we want to do it now before development occurs."

As with the situation on Larkspur, because the street numbers are the same, mail going to residents and businesses on East Larkspur is often delivered incorrectly if the word "East" is left off, Mayfield said.

His proposal would rename Glascow Street, east of North Navarro Street to Plácido Benavides Drive.

The affected section of roadway serves Lowes and Walmart SuperCenter, and ends at the back of those properties, but the Thoroughfare Master Plan shows it ultimately extending east to Salem Road.

"We looked at it as a way to reflect our Spanish and Mexican heritage," Mayfield said.

Benavides is known as the "Paul Revere of Texas" for his 1836 journey from San Patricio to Goliad to Victoria, warning residents of the approaching Mexican army, according to information from the city.

He was elected the first alcalde of Victoria, and married into the DeLeón family.

Mayfield compared Benavides' position to the city's first mayor, sheriff and justice of the peace.

The second renaming affects Ball Airport Road from Mallette Drive west toward Main Street and across to Zac Lentz Parkway. That area would be called Empresario Boulevard.

The road is a future extension and has not been constructed.

Mayfield said the name is the title of person given a Mexican land grant to settle Texas, and was one of the original 13 street names of the Martin DeLeón colony.

Councilman Tom Halepaska was concerned the new designation would affect the existing street name.

Ball Airport was the oldest continuously operated civilian airport in Texas, Halepaska said. He learned to fly there.

"If we're promoting history, I wouldn't want to flush it down the drain," he said.

However, the new designation would only affect the new section of roadway, Mayfield said.

Halepaska, along with councilmen David Hagan, Paul Polasek and Joe Truman, agreed to move forward with staff's recommendation. The planing department will present a resolution at the next council meeting.

Councilman Emett Alvarez and Councilwoman Josephine Soliz said they wanted to see more recent historical names used.

"Let's give recognition to some contemporaries from the last 30 or 40 years," Alvarez said.

He recommended former city councilman Joe Peña and prominent educator Ignacio Diaz.

"Why wait 150 years for these contemporaries to be brought up?" Alvarez said.



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