Question of the day: After the rain that has come to the Crossroads, are you still concerned about the drought?

July 19, 2012 at 2:19 a.m.

"Yes, we're on a water well and we live in a neighborhood where everyone is on a water well, so I hope it's been recharged enough because of all the rain. Without the rain we run out of water." - Joe Gray, Fresco employee, Nursery.

"We still need more rain because so many of the ponds aren't full yet. That's where cattle drink because we're very much still a farming and ranching community and those cattle need water." - Susie Sparks, minister/rancher, Cuero.

"Yes, because we need more rain. Then there will be better crops growing and that means a better economy for this area." - Nelton Thomas, Cuero.

"I'm always concerned about it. Whenever it rains I have contraptions out to catch all the rainwater I can. My plants need it. The city water keeps them alive, but the rainwater makes them grow." - John Jones, Toshiba employee, Victoria.



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