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Fashion tips with Haili Z: Poolside chic

By Haili Z
July 19, 2012 at 2:19 a.m.

The boho chic look with a beach tote in hand. Apparel: Hemline & Elaine Turner; make-up is by Randi Brady

Transitioning wardrobe into poolside attire; stylish solutions at your fingertips. Selecting pieces from your wardrobe to transition into poolside attire is completely savvy and chic. A button up chiffon may work for the fall by layering the piece with an undershirt but, in the sweltering Texas heat, it's a fashionable trend to tie the button down into a knot above the navel and cuff up the sleeves over a bathing suit. It's a new trend that nods at the 1970s look.

A chiffon button down that's sheer is perfect to pair with linen pants that are airy and light for poolside attire. Pair the light pants with a chiffon or light button down over your bathing suit for a quick poolside fix up. An essential look this summer that's also easy to throw into your beach tote - easy to fold and no fuss.

If you're staying poolside or joining friends and family at the lake, add an accessory that's boho chic. Another accessory that takes inspiration from the 1970s is a forehead headband wrap. To get the look, tie a scarf or headband (cloth or braided leather) around your forehead. For the Texas look give your hair a little bit of tease to give volume to your crown before tying the headband around your head.

Opt to bring vibrant colors and bold patterns into your apparel and beach tote for fun summer style.

Try the boho chic poolside look with different button ups and light pants out of your wardrobe to complete the new chic summer trend; ice cold drink not included.

Haili Pue is the president of All Ze Details. Visit her web site at allzedetails.com



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