Kreneck hopes to bring his experience back to Goliad

July 21, 2012 at 2:21 a.m.

Jim Kreneck

Jim Kreneck

Incumbent commissioner, Jim Kreneck, of Goliad, has not finished what he can do for the county.

And he wants to be re-elected Goliad County Commissioner, Precinct 3.

"I can offer the county 12 years of experience in road building," Kreneck said. "I have stayed within my budget for 12 years, while maintaining the most roads in Goliad County."

In addition to his experience, Kreneck said he will continue to fight for the quality of the county's drinking water. A battle he started 10 years ago when he helped start the Goliad County Groundwater Conservation District.

He said he will continue by fighting the uranium companies trying to move into Goliad County.

"I'm running because we are not through with the mining of the uranium," Kreneck said. "They have leased some land in the southern part of the county and I would like to oppose to that."

Ted Long, commissioner in Precinct 4, has worked with Kreneck closely on the court and describes him as a hardworking, honest man.

"I would say his biggest accomplishment, most admirable, is the fight to protect our drinking water supply," Long said. "He has been a champion for preserving our drinking water supply."

Long believes Kreneck has been good for the county.

"He always worked hard, and when he takes on a project, he works hard at it and is willing to see it through to fruition," Long said.

Kreneck, accused of altering the time cards of his crew on July 4 and July 5, denies any wrongdoing in the matter. He said he did allow his crew to work on July 4 and have July 5 off, but never altered the timecards to show the change.

"I don't know if we have had a security leak, with passwords, or what," Kreneck said. He added he has changed his password.

He said the incident did not cost the taxpayers a penny, and should not be an issue in the election.

"I hope to bring this county out of the economic slump that we are in," Kreneck said. "We are going down every year because of the oil and gas industry and I would like to turn it around."



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