Callers talk about mass shooting, more

July 25, 2012 at 2:25 a.m.

How many more horrible massacres are we going to have to go through before we start talking about sensible gun control?

Beatrice, Port Lavaca

I feel as safe in the movie theater as any other place. There is no logical way, in my opinion, to stop mass murders. You cannot tell someone's mental state by their appearance, and anyone can be a mass murderer.

Mary, Port O'Connor

No, I do not go to movies - any movies. These trashy movies - wouldn't go out at midnight to see them, even a free one. I think it's stupid to pay big money to see these trashy movies because they're not worth seeing. I do feel sorry for the people that were shot, but they should have not been out at midnight in a movie theater, anyway. People should be home in bed asleep at midnight.

Bill, Victoria

I was just watching last Tuesday night's council meeting on TV today; I see where councilwoman Solis does ask a lot of questions. I wish more of them would do that. It seems like these appointed officials think they can just do anything they want, and that one of them - Sharp, or whatever his name - he didn't even seem to know the answer to it.

Gay, Victoria

This mass shooting that happened in the movie theater, you asked the question "Is it safe here at the movie theaters?" It doesn't necessarily have to be a movie theater. It can be at the mall, or it can be at a supermarket - anywhere there are people in mass is the potential for a crime scene.

Joe, Victoria



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