Years ago for Sunday, Jul 29, 2012

July 26, 2012 at 2:26 a.m.


Aug. 2 - Owing to a broken axle, the street sprinkling wagon has not been in service this week. The damage will be repaired in a few days.

Aug. 4 - Tomorrow night the Princess Theatre will have a splendid program for the benefit of the Victoria Civic Association. Familiar scenes will be shown; forty slides of local scenes have been secured. Victoria's showplaces will be contrasted with Victoria's disgraces, in connection with which two interesting films will be run, "Boil Your Water" and "The Mosquito."


July 29 - Everything should be in readiness at the new park for the baseball game here Sunday afternoon between the Rosebuds and Cuero Turkey Trotters. The playing field itself is ready and in remarkable shape considering it was nothing but a pasture a week ago. Something like 75 yards of soil was placed on the infield a week ago and it has been spread, watered and rolled.

July 31 - Records on file in the county clerk's office reveal that a large oil lease involving thousands of dollars was effected this month when the Transwestern Oil Company of Oklahoma leased approximately 2,140 acres belonging to the McFaddin-Crain estate and located near McFaddin.

Aug. 3 - Victoria County's 1937 cotton crop, based on an estimated crop of 20,000 bales and an average price per pound of slightly more than 11 cents, will mean something like $1,150,000 in cash.


July 30 - The Veterans of Foreign Wars will join the general public in welcoming home 95 members of the Victoria unit of the 49th Armored Division during the second week in August after nearly 10 months of active duty at Fort Polk Louisiana. Victoria's Co. E, 386th Engineer Battalion of the Texas National Guard, VFW Post 4146 will sponsor a band for a dance in honor of the returnees at the Mockingbird Lane Armory the night of Aug. 9.

Aug. 4 - Victoria school officials met Friday afternoon to set the cornerstone capsule in the new Patti Welder Junior High School Academic wing and tour the building. Those present were Supt. C.O. Chandler, Business Manager Roy E. Greenwood, Patti Welder Principal Robert Erskine, and Trustees Conde N. Anderson, board president, Joe B. Milam, Alex Ragan, C.M. Ferguson, Grady Yarbrough and W.D. O'Neill.


Aug. 1 - Saving lives is an important part of firefighting, whether on land or water.

On Friday the Victoria Fire Department's Rescue and Recovery Squad demonstrated some of the skills involved in water-related rescues for the local news media.

The emphasis on the training is building the confidence of the diver and the team he is working with in the water. Since visibility in local rivers and lakes is often less than a foot, divers must learn to maneuver in virtual darkness and to trust their partners, said Lt. Tom Blair, department training officer.

The department's 18 certified divers are trained in everything from swimming with their hands and feet tied behind them while blindfolded to rescuing injured divers to surviving in the water. They also learn various in-water communications and how to use a depth finder.

The training has come in handy as the men helped out earlier this spring in searching for a Houston fireman who drowned in Goliad.

They have also aided local law enforcement agencies in recovering missing and stolen equipment from the Guadalupe River. Some of the firemen recently helped the Houston Police Department's SWAT Team in recovering stolen vehicles from murky Green's Bayou.

Aug. 4 - The nation's daytime summer fireworks, the Iran-Contra hearings, came to a quiet end after a 41-day run Monday, with none of the 29 witnesses having tied President Reagan directly to the use of arms-sales profits for the guerrillas fighting in Nicaragua.

"The president has indeed been telling the truth," said Rep. Richard Cheney, R-Wyo., the vice chairman of the House committee. However, Republicans joined Democrats in a final round of speeches denouncing the secrecy and deception that brought the Reagan administration its greatest embarrassment.

"The story has now been told," said Daniel K. Inouye, D-Hawaii, chairmen of the Senate committee. He called it a chilling story of a flawed policy "kept alive by a secret White House junta despite repeated warnings and signs of failure."



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