Philosophy Lite: Is Christianity faith or fairy tale?

July 27, 2012 at 2:27 a.m.

Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith

By Raymond Smith

One of the problems of today's society is a decline of religion and the ascendency of secularism. Especially worrisome is that decline among our young people. Recently, I heard someone say that some young people think our religion is a "fairy tale." To millions worldwide with a strong faith, this is quite disturbing.

Such a trend today should not be surprising. God and prayer have been taken out of our schools and the public arena. There are forces today that want to remove "In God we Trust" from our currency. Military chaplains are limited in what they can do, and some pastors and lay persons have been jailed or even murdered for standing up for their faith.

Religious signs have been outlawed. One of the ways Christianity is being attacked today is by the use of ridicule: by the American Civil Liberties Union, our peers, the media, movies and the Internet. Make no mistake, ridicule has a powerful effect, and the atheists know it.

The person who considers Christianity and the Bible a fairy tale has not done his homework. How many millions of people reject our Holy Faith without the slightest knowledge about it! One of the great thinkers of all time was a Frenchman named Blaise Pascal.

In a book titled, "The Mind on Fire," here is what Pascal said about people who ignore vital matters: "Man's sensitivity to trivia, and his insensitivity to matters of major importance, reveals he has a strange disorder."

As we have said before, philosophy is a love of truth and a search for truth. The greatest folly anyone can commit is the failure to take time to look into spiritual matters. With eternity staring us in the face, how can anyone be so careless?

Some of the most intelligent men through history have been believers. C.S. Lewis was an Oxford Don who considered himself an atheist, but after thinking it through, became a Christian.

Lee Strobel, who was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, had a masters in law from Yale and was an atheist, but when his wife became a Christian, he took the next two years to investigate Christianity, and guess what? He became a believer and has since written several books, such as "The Case For Christ."

A fairy tale has no truth in it at all. Those who feel that some of the Bible is fairy tale must admit that on the whole there are a host of important truths in it - truths that people ignore at their peril.

Josh McDowell has written an important book defending the Christian faith titled "Evidence That Demands a Verdict." Bill Glass of the Bill Glass Prison Ministry says that it is probably the finest reference book on defending our faith that has ever been written.

We should all know what we believe. 1 Peter 3:15 says, "Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you." Can you do this?

Raymond F. Smith is president of Strong Families of Victoria.



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