Christians need to vote to change this country

July 29, 2012 at 2:29 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I recently viewed Phyllis Schlaffly of the Eagle Forum on C-SPAN. It was a powerful presentation as she read some quotes from her new book, "No Higher Power." The book is an easy read, being less than 100 pages. In it, she takes to task President Obama for trying to rid our country of many manifestations of the Christian religion; from trying to take God out of the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance, out of the schools and the removal of signs that mention God or Jesus Christ. The title refers to God as the higher power, not the government.

One of her main emphases was that in this election lies the future of our country, especially in the area of religion. She noted the abysmal record of American Christians in failing to exercise their God-given right and responsibility to vote. She urges every Christian to get out and vote their conscience.

My concern all along is that our churches are remaining silent about the issues involved. I believe many pastors are afraid to cross the line, fearful of losing their tax-exempt status, or afraid to divide the church by being political. The fact is, that churches have a lot of freedom to speak out. They just cannot tell their people how to vote or contribute funds to any political organization. Beyond this, they can discuss every moral and social issue that bears on our Christian faith. They can display voter guides and encourage voter registration. They can even invite candidates to speak, as long as opposing parties are given equal time.

If every Christian were to vote this year, a lot of America's religious conflicts would be solved. Encourage your pastor to address the issues.

Voter registration is available up to 30 days before any election. Forms are available at the election headquarters at 111 North Glass.

Raymond F. Smith, Victoria



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