College Q&A: Opportunities in Professional Office Technology

By Katy Long
June 2, 2012 at 1:02 a.m.

I would like to be able to work in an office during the day. What kinds of classes can I take at VC to get a job working weekdays in an office?

Victoria College offers several options if you're interested in pursuing Professional Office Technology training, and you may even choose how much education to get before you begin working. You may decide to complete one year of specialized instruction to earn a certificate or, if you complete two years of training that also includes academic classes, you can earn an associate degree.

You may even decide to do both because certificate courses count toward an associate degree, so you can begin working after earning a certificate and still continue pursuing a degree part time.

Depending on your interests, you may also select one of the specializations within the Professional Office Technology field offered at VC. Administrative assistants who work in medical offices need to have specialized training so that they can understand medical terminology along with handling complicated medical files and insurance billing procedures. Accounting assistants need specialized training in the accounting field to provide support for a certified public accountant, serve as a bookkeeper for a small business, or work as a clerk in an accounting firm.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, job growth for administrative assistants in the Golden Crescent area has been projected to increase 8.5 percent between 2008 and 2018. Additionally, executive administrative, legal and medical assistants may expect to make nearly $33,000 annually in this area. Other professional office workers, including receptionists and office clerks, may make an average of $23,000 per year.

To begin, you can apply to VC at If you need help paying for your classes, please visit the Financial Aid office to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid with the help of VC's friendly financial aid staff. You'll need to provide your high school or other college transcripts along with the appropriate test scores. Following that you can make an appointment with any of our academic advisors to select the career training that suits your goals and plan your education.

You can even discuss whether or not you'd like to eventually transfer your credits from VC to a four-year institution and complete a bachelor's degree. For more questions, call VC at 361-573-3291.

Do you have a question about Victoria College? Contact Katy Long, Marketing and Communications Department, at 361-485-6835, or



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