Breakdown of 'True Blood' seasons

June 6, 2012 at 1:06 a.m.

Character bios

Main story

Season 1

• Sookie Stackhouse learns more about Bill Compton and her psychic abilities. We also learn Bill is a bit too interested in Sookie.

• The Vampire Authority punishes Bill by having him turn Jessica Hamby into a vampire.

• Rene Lenier comes forward as the murderer of three women he views as "fangbangers," or humans who have sex with vamps. We spend most of the season suspecting Jason Stackhouse, who slept with the three women prior to their deaths.

• Rene kills himself after he kills Sookie and Jason's grandma. Distraught over vampires, Jason joins an anti-vampire movement.

Season 2

• Eric Northman has Sookie go to Dallas to find his maker, Godric.

• Maryann Forrester mysteriously arrives in town and slowly hypnotizes everyone in town so she can gain power to release the god Dionysus.

• Bill proposes to Sookie, and Sookie leaves the room to make her decision. When she comes back, he is gone, the place trashed ... he is obviously kidnapped.

Season 3

• We learn more about Sam Merlotte's shapeshifting and his true family.

• Arlene Fowler is pregnant with what she think is Rene's baby.

• Bill pledges allegiance to the Russell Edgington, Vampire King of Mississippi, and tells Sookie not to go searching for him.

• Sookie meets Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf taking care of her as she travels.

• Sookie learns she is part fairy.

• Eric and Bill bury Russell, a vampire extremist, in cement and silver at the season finale.

• Sookie is transported to fairy land.

Season 4

• Sookie was only in fairy land for minutes, but it's actually been a year.

• Lafayette and Jesus, who met in season 2, join a coven meeting with Marnie.

• We learn about Lafayette's power as a medium.

• Arlene's baby begins acting strangely and she thinks he may be evil.

• Eric forgets who he is and becomes a sweet vampire after drinking Sookie's fairy godmother's blood.

• Antonia Gavilan de Logrono, a witch burned centuries ago, possesses Marnie and uses her to seek revenge on vampires.

• Bill becomes the Vampire King of Louisiana.

• Marnie uses Eric to create trouble and further ruin vampires' reputation.

• At the end of the season, we find Russell is no longer buried and that Tara has been shot by Alcide's jealous former werewolf fiancee.

These bullets follow more the main plot than anything else.



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