BOWLING: Stacy thunders to high series

June 7, 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

It didn't take long during summer league play for Mike Stacy to post his personal best high series during Rolling Thunder action.

During his big 822 series, he also rolled his 4th career 300 game to add spice to the night.

With individual games of 300, 266, and 256, he topped his previous high of 813.

Richard Brotze blazed through the pins also with a 266 high game contributing towards a 719 set for second high.

Other great scores were Jerry Molina (276-648), J.P. Reyna (269), Mark Svatek (259), and Bruce Hammack (258).

Olivia Jackson was high for the women with a 579 set posted during Rolling Thunder play.

The unofficial final standings been have posted for the 80th Annual Texas State USBC Open Tournament.

With this year's tournament based on handicap of 90% from a 245 average, the scores were exceptionally high. Next year in San Antonio, the handicap will be based on 90% of 220 with averages of 219 and below. Averages of 220 and above will bowl scratch. Listed below are local and area bowlers that finished in the top 20, with a low to cash score.

In Div 1 Singles, David Matthews tied for 6th place with a series of 820, low to cash was 759. In Div 2, Dandy Richards finished in 5th place with a score of 848, low cash was 761.

Div 3 low cash was 769, Div 4 low cash 771, Div 5 low cash 779, Div 6 low cash 693.

Doubles, Div 1 low cash 1,513, Div 2 low cash 1,495, Div 3, 9th place Tracy Blake-Michael Sanders 1,573 (Port Lavaca) low cash 1,493, Div 4 low cash 1,501, Div 5 low cash 1,545, Div 6 low cash 1,357.

Div 1 all events tied 13th place Mike Osterson 2,317, low cash 2,262, Div 2 low cash 2,274, Div 3 low cash 2,297, Div 4 low cash 2,320, Div 5 low cash 2,322.

The women's state tournament being held in the Forth Worth area has not concluded but the following area bowlers are in the top 20.

Team Div 1 9th place STROUD'S with a score of 3,076 Doubles Div 1, 3rd place Sharon Guinn-Lori Heil 1,414. Div 5, 2nd place Leeanna Shimik-Donna Howard 1,464 (Bay City/El Campo), 9th place Elva Peterson-Erica Moore 1,399 (Victoria), All Events Div 4, 15th place Donna Janik 2,103 (Bay City/El Campo).

When the tournament concludes I will post the winning scores.

A couple of senior bowlers Steve Gritta and Norm Watkins are looking for some summer competition by forming a senior league at the Woodlawn Lanes on Monday afternoon. For more information, call Gritta at 361-894-7418 or Watkins at 361-576-9605. Both bowlers ask you to join them for a change of pace.

The Woodlawn Wednesday Night league is also looking for more bowlers for a 2 person league that competes at 7:30 p.m., for more information contact Robert Pfeil at 361-582-0921.

SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST 3 SPLITS & 2 BALLS Men: E. Smith 612; M. Osterson 586; R. Martinez 586; M. Rangel 576; R. Gonzales 568; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THE CROSSROAD BOWLERS Women: O. Jackson 579; S. Simper 209-539; M. Rojas 213-536; L. Heil 531; Men: M. Stacy 300-822; R. Brotze 266-719; J. Molina 276-648; J.P. Reyna 269-636; R. Verduzco 225-630; B. Hammack 258-627; D. Matthews 238-622; J. Glass 620; T. Crowe 226-619; C. Martinka 243-610; J. Jiminez 595; K. Blake 229-591; J. Bryant 591; O. Tabora 589; J. Rodriguez 232-588; A. Mayfield 584; B. Mooney 581; J. Silgero 577; P. Smith 573; T. Wash 232; C. Bigham 227.

FUNTAPPER (No Tap) 1st TEAM #2 Women: M. Gonzales 242-645; Men; Z. Balfanz 265-773/746; E. Smith 730/686; J. Cano 273-729; J. Lesikar 300-727; C. Klare 288-723; B. Kitchens 300-712; R. Gonzales 686/278; T. Fagg 686; D. Persilver 278; W. Kern 274; J. Silgero 271;



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