GC: Tips to save green by going green

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

June 7, 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

There is a common misconception that going green can be expensive. But with the help of some business professionals in the Golden Crescent, turning a green leaf can help keep that green in the bank.


With the cost of gas continuing to rise, it may be hard to find ways to save money spent on your car.

Parts manager Tony Soliz with family-owned L&S Auto Supply, in Victoria, said proper maintenance can help drivers save on trips to the auto shop.

Use air. "Keeping air in tires and air filters clean can reduce emissions and keep them cleaner," Soliz said. A cleaner filter will let your car breath better, which means it will run more efficiently.

Be cool.Soliz added there is a new eco-friendly coolant on the market, which doesn't harm pets or the Earth if accidentally spilled in the garage.

When kept at the right levels, coolant can help moderate the temperature of engines, especially in the South Texas heat, which also means no overheating.

Be cleaner.Take trash out of the car, recycle those plastic bottles and remove any unnecessary items. Excess weight will add to spent resources. "If there is something real heavy in your car, it will use more gas," he said.


Doctor and medical bills can add up, especially during peak cold and allergy seasons. JoAnn Guerrero, a licensed vocational nurse at Yoakum Medical Clinic offered tips that will help prolong health and the health of the planet.

Eat a green diet."Eating fruits and green vegetables can help lower everything from high blood pressure to diabetes," she said. "They are full of vitamins and can help fight off diseases and other illnesses."

Putting more nutrients and vitamins on the plate may keep you out of the doctors' office waiting rooms.

Guerrero added that by eating well, patients are less likely to develop diabetes, which also reduces the amount of resources spent on disposing needles used for insulin in Type-1 diabetes.

"Those who are insulin-dependent have to use syringes," she said. "Those syringes then have to be disposed of in biohazard containers" which have to be handled differently than normal household waste.

Walk to work.If work is nearby, leave the car at home.

"Walking or riding a bike to work can help decrease greenhouse gasses and will also contribute to your health," she said.

Exercising a few times a week can contribute to a healthy lifestyle by burning calories and getting the heart going.

Pest control

Unwanted bugs are quite the pest. Buddy Dowell with Calhoun County Pest Control urges homeowners to keep their homes clean.

Monitor the garbage. "Sanitation is the key," he said. "Garbage will attract bugs to the home."

People may build compost piles to control what goes into the garbage, but he said it's important to move them away from the home.

"Keeping (a compost pile) a distance from the house will help keep them out of the house," Dowell said.



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