GC: Take a step onto Earth friendly flooring

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

June 7, 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

What is one thing that cork, bamboo and carpet have in common?

The answer is all three of these are natural products for the home offered by Interiors By Sherry in Victoria.

The store owner, Johnyce Grahmann, said these green products are just as good as the conventional competitors.

"The carpet looks the same as other carpet," she explained. "You wouldn't be able to tell the difference without me telling you the story behind it."

The carpets, built by ShawMark Carpets, are made from pre-existing, reusable carpets, which saves on non-renewable resources that are involved in making a completely new product.

Both the cork and bamboo products, sold by U.S. Floors, a manufacturer of unique and sustainable flooring, are substitutes for traditional wood flooring.

The major difference, Grahmann said, with the green options is they are made with renewable resources. During the manufacturing process, the harvesting does not entirely deplete resources, and some companies also have programs that work toward restoration of those resources.

"We try to carry something for everyone," she explained. "For people who are interested in green products, we have different things that they can consider for their home."

Grahmann, who purchased Interiors By Sherry two years ago, said environmentally friendly products have cycled back into popularity.

"There was a time when people were concerned about green products and it's coming back," she said.



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