Voters need to evaluate candidates

June 7, 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Voting is one of the most important constitutional rights we have. To those that participated in the primary and voted for me, my sincere gratitude and humble thanks. I hope that we will continue to vote and encourage others to do the same in the November election.

As a voter in any election, it is of utmost importance that we evaluate each candidate for their honor, integrity, and ability to do the job. Those candidates that "badmouth" or run down other candidates have some insecure weaknesses which should raise the flag of "caution."

Commissioners must have strong, positive and innovative leadership to get county issues resolved in the interest and demands of those he represents. I consider the elected position of Commissioner for Precinct 1 as an important responsibility, which requires full time attention. The office demands listening to the voters and acting on their wishes to the best of his ability.

He must apply honor, integrity and ability in everything he does for both the county and in his personal life.

Gabriel Soliz said it well in Monday's letter to the editor: Vote for the candidate you can trust.

Hope to see you on the campaign trail and at the polls. God bless America.

Tony Mallette, Victoria



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