City Corner column: Recycling program available to businesses

By Jennifer Sourdellia
June 10, 2012 at 1:10 a.m.

Is there a commercial recycling program available to businesses in Victoria?

Response has been very positive to the residential curbside recycling program that the city of Victoria recently implemented, and now businesses within the city limits have an opportunity to participate in a new commercial recycling program.

Please note that the commercial recycling program is being offered now through Waste Management, not by the city of Victoria. This is an optional service. Businesses who would like to participate in the commercial recycling program should contact Waste Management at 361-578-3866 to set-up commercial recycling service for their business.

Cost for the service depends on the size of the recycling container, as well as volume. Businesses can reduce the size of their garbage container to accommodate the amount of recycling materials they anticipate.

Acceptable items include cardboard, paper and some types of plastics. Commercial recycling is picked up every Friday. For a complete list of items accepted through the commercial recycling program and for more information about the service, call Waste Management.

My home is near the Lone Tree Creek, and I understand new floodplain maps have been issued by FEMA. How can I find out if my property lies within the floodplain boundaries?

City of Victoria Floodplain Administrator John A. Johnston said revised floodplain maps by FEMA for the Lone Tree Creek area have been released and are now in effect.

The maps were releasedMarch 9 for the floodplain map boundaries associated with Lone Tree Creek from John Stockbauer Drive to the Houston Highway. About 400 homes along Lone Tree Creek have been removed from the floodplain, which could affect flood insurance for homeowners and home lenders.

The new floodplain was a result of various city drainage projects, including the Lone Tree Creek Channel Improvement and Detention Facility Project. These projects improved the drainage channel from John Stockbauer Drive to Airline Road and built the detention facility located between Airline Road and Houston Highway.

Because of these and other drainage improvements to Lone Tree Creek, the width of the floodplain and floodway in most of the area were reduced, and the base flood elevation along Lone Tree Creek was lowered.

If you would like to view the revised maps and find out if your property is located within the floodplain boundaries, please visit, click on the Development Services link and then click on the flood plain management information link.

Hurricane season is here, and I want my family to be prepared. What are the top three things I can do to prepare for a hurricane?

Hurricane season is June through November and everyone should be prepared if a storm threatens our region.

First, you and your family should create an evacuation plan. It's easy and free. Browse to for free templates on how to create a plan.

Next, have an emergency kit in place in case Victoria is not evacuated. Be sure to include the following items in your storm and emergency kit:•  Water - At least one gallon daily per person for 3-7 days.

•  Food - Non-perishable or canned food, juices and snacks; foods for infants and the elderly; non-electric can opener, cooking tools/fuel, paper plates and plastic utensils.

•  Blankets and pillows.

•  Clothing - seasonal, rain gear and sturdy shoes.

•  First aid kit, medicines, prescriptions - refill prescriptions and have current insurance card on hand.

•  Toiletries, hygiene items, moisture wipes.

•  Flashlight and batteries.

•  Battery-operated radio with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather band capability.

•  Fully-charged cellphone with extra battery and a traditional landline telephone.

•  Cash and credit cards (keep in mind that ATM machines may not be available for extended periods).

•  Important documents - insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security cards and other important papers. Keep all of the documents in a waterproof container.

•  Make sure all vehicles are fueled up.

Third, stay informed by registering your cellphone or unlisted phone number online with Global Connect, an emergency notification system that allows local officials to communicate emergency information to the Victoria community during emergencies.

To register, visit You can also call 211 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and register your contact information.

For more information, please call the Office of Emergency Management at 361-485-3362 or visit

Do you have a question about the city of Victoria? Please submit your questions and comments about any city department to Jennifer Sourdellia in the Communications/Public Information Office by emailing or mail to P.O. Box 1758, Victoria, TX 77902.



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