Earth Friendly: Keep Victoria beautiful

By Marie Lester
June 14, 2012 at 1:14 a.m.

Victoria has made huge strides in becoming a more attractive city in the past few years. Keep Victoria Beautiful is one of the prime entities making this happen. Keep Victoria Beautiful is beautifying not just downtown or a park - but all over town, all the time.

What is Keep Victoria Beautiful?

Keep Victoria Beautiful (KVB) is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes litter prevention, beautification and community improvement in the city and county.

KVB accomplishes their mission through several projects, including:

Completion of the restoration of the historic Hiller House and management of the Athey Nature Area

Construction of a "Welcome to Victoria" entryway sign at a major point of entry into the city to build community pride

A monthly business beautification award for those doing their part to Keep Victoria Beautiful

Adopt a Spot and Street programs for local businesses and organizations to beautify our streets and parks

Volunteer events for litter control, planting trees and more

Where are KVB's offices?

KVB's offices are located at the Hiller House. The Hiller House is the third oldest farmhouse in Texas; it is a registered Texas Historical Landmark open to the public as an events venue, meeting space, nature education area and museum.

The Hiller House is located at 3003 North Vine St. in Victoria. Visitors are welcome seven days a week during daylight hours. Staff is typically there to let you come in to view the house and the little museum, but if not, visit the back deck for gardening and nature information that includes brochures, photos and maps of the surrounding Athey Nature Area.

The Athey Nature Area is a 10-acre natural area that includes the Tonkawa Nature Trail. It is under the conservatorship of Keep Victoria Beautiful and part of the city of Victoria's parks system. The area is home to many species of native trees, plants and animals.

How can I help keep Victoria beautiful?

Keeping Victoria Beautiful is all about taking responsibility for your surroundings. You can beautify your home and business by picking up litter, keeping your landscaping nice and neat, removing graffiti and keeping your grounds and structure maintained. You can also help KVB keep the rest of Victoria looking good too by:

Volunteering: Youth and adults can become involved in KVB activities through diverse volunteer opportunities like litter pickups, community service, adopt a spot, preservation of the Hiller House, tree planting and nominating a business for a beautification award.

Sponsoring: KVB is a grant funded, non-profit organization. Any sponsorship funds they receive go right back to making Victoria a better place to live. You don't have to wait for a special event to sponsor KVB, they take donations any time.

Join the KVB Board: KVB is currently seeking additional board and committee members to help plan events, assist with volunteer activities, attend beautification awards and more.

KVB's Executive Director

Dian Patterson is KVB's new Executive Director. She is a native Victorian who has a deep passion for her home. Her heart is in keeping Victoria a great place to live. She worked in the insurance field for more than 10 years, has served on numerous boards, including KVB's board as the secretary and president. Dian's goal is to involve community members in making our community a better place to live, work and visit.

Marie Lester, is the Environmental Programs Coordinator for the City of Victoria's Environmental Services Department. You may contact her with topic ideas, inspiration, questions and comments at



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