Community shows support for Victoria band 24-7 (Video)

Camille Doty

June 15, 2012 at 1:15 a.m.
Updated June 16, 2012 at 1:16 a.m.

Yolanda Suarez took her family to Hastings on Friday night to rent a movie.

Her granddaughter's face lit up at the sight of the 24-7 poster. Emerald Trevino convinced her "mo mo" to stay for the boy band concert.

"I like watching live performances on TV and now I get to see it in person," Suarez said.

Emerald, 10, gushed about the group.

"They're really talented and make good music, too," she said.

When asked which song is her favorite, "All of them," she responded.

Close to 200 people were at the 24-7 album release party. Fans lounged in lawn chairs, drank bottled water from the cooler, and nibbled on pizza to the rocking sound of the Crossroads celebrities.

The four-member band based in Victoria released their debut CD June 5. It was a two-year labor of love for the budding artists.

The free concert in the Hastings parking lot was their way of showing gratitude to their fans by signing posters and CDs before their performance.

"We wouldn't be able to have this without them," said Nikko Vallejo, guitar player.

To help promote their work, the teenage boy band has traveled across South Texas. They said it's surreal to hear their music on the radio.

Singers Sarah Rivas and Pablo Trujillo opened the festivities with popular cover songs.

"It's great to be able to perform in my hometown with you guys," Trujillo said, who later announced he was going to the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Fans shouted from the crowd, "Go, Pablo!"

As the sun set, the crowd started getting more relaxed.

Suarez's grandson, Tristan Trevino, moved to the music on cue.

"He gets that from his grandma," she said.

Vanessa Trevino, Tristan's mother, said the concert brought back pleasant memories from when she used to work at the coffee shop on Navarro when they had open mic nights.

"This brings everyone out and they're so talented," said Trevino.

Emerald blushed at the chance to meet 24-7. She had the guys sign her poster that she almost lost in the wind.

The upcoming fifth-grader at Smith Elementary raced to her newfound treasure. She clenched the autographed picture the rest of the night.

Emerald shares a love for 24-7 with friend Trinity Martinez. "She hums their songs not even realizing she's doing it," Emerald said.

Although the best friends did not attend the concert together, Emerald plans to tell her friend all about it.

"I'll tell her, 'Don't get jealous that I saw 24-7,'" she said jokingly. "I'll take a picture of the poster and give it to her."



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