Rec Room: Park your litter in the trash

By Doug CochranThe Victoria Parks and Recreation Department is involved in many aspects that improve quality of life in our community.
June 17, 2012 at 1:17 a.m.

We provide safe places to play and offer a variety of leisure activities.

Events and programs are planned to meet the wants and needs of almost everyone.

We maintain 16 parks in the city and help beautify Victoria.

One of the least desirable aspects of our parks operation is litter control. Unfortunately, littering occurs most often in parks, walkways and open spaces where people congregate for fun and recreation.

In Texas, about 827 million pieces of litter and trash accumulate on roadways. Millions of dollars are spent each year picking up litter and trash.

Our parks and recreation department doesn't spend quite that much; however, it costs more than $20,000 a year to pick up litter and trash from Victoria parks.

That's just in the parks. Every week our office receives calls about trash in ditches or unsightly plastic bags stuck in the fence on Navarro Street.

Litter has a significant impact on our community and the environment. People are more likely to litter in a littered environment. And once there, it attracts more litter.

A clean community can discourage littering and improve the city's appearance and quality of life.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing litter. Do you want to enjoy living in a clean, litter-free town? Then your help is needed.

Here are some things that you can do to promote a cleaner place to live, work and play:

The first step to a cleaner Victoria is to put litter where it belongs - in the trash can. If you happen to see litter in the parks, help us out and please pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Be a role model to your children, friends, family members and co-workers by encouraging a litter-free lifestyle and positively impact the behavior of others.

Always keep a litter bag in your car and dump the contents in a trash can; do not throw litter out the car window. If you smoke, use a portable ashtray or the car ashtray and dispose of the contents in the trash.

Get involved. Organize a neighborhood clean-sweep, volunteer at Texas Trash-Off events, or participate in the Adopt-A-Spot or Adopt-A-Street program.

Call Keep Victoria Beautiful at 361-571-0582 and find out how you can volunteer to clean up our city.

Doug Cochran is the director of parks and recreation for the Victoria Parks and Recreation Department. Contact him at 361-485-3200 or



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