Crossroads athletes compete in Lake Pflugerville Triathlon

June 18, 2012 at 1:18 a.m.

Approximately 800 triathletes gathered to compete at the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon early Sunday morning. The event included a 500 meter swim, a 14-mile bike, and a 3-mile run.

Jaime Cleveland of Austin won the overall title in a time of 58:06, averaging 1:17 per 100 meters on the swim, 25.1 mph on the bike, and 5:29 per mile on the run. His wife Andrea Fisher claimed the women's title with a time of 1:04:22, averaging 1:18 per 100 meters on the swim, 23.4 mph on the bike, and 6:38 per mile on the run.

There were a number of local triathletes competing as well. Joe Bratton was the top male competitor from our area finishing with a 1:11:17, averaging 2:09 per 100 meters swimming, 22.1 mph on the bike and 6:51 per mile on the run. He finished in 9th place in the 40-44 men's age group. Denise Tomanek was the top female from the area with her time of 1:21:22, averaging 1:56 per 100 meters swimming; 18.6 mph on her bike; and 7:44 per mile on the run. She finished in 4th place in the 35-39 women's division.

In just his second triathlon Tyler Bollman made the podium in his age group. He placed 2nd in the 20-24 male age division with his time of 1:19:23, averaging 2:19 per 100 meters on the swim, 20.2 mph on bike and 7:47 per mile on the run. This was only his 2nd triathlon.

Here are the results from other Crossroads athletes that participated in the Lake Plugerville Triathlon: Tressa Story 5th 55-59 AG, 1:41:14 (2:54/100m swim; 16.6 mph bike; 11:03/mile run); Shayne Bollman 12th 55-59 AG, 1:25:02 (2:18/100m swim; 19.0 mph bike; 8:50/mile run); Matt Wickham 6th 50-54 AG, 1:14:26 (2:03/100m; 20.9 mph bike; 6:59/mile run); Dawn Brown 4th 45-49 AG, 1:22:03 (2:47/100m swim; 20.3 mph bike; 8:01/mile run); Crystal Cantu 8th 30-34 AG, 1:21:36 (2:27/100m swim; 20.4 mph bike; 8:30/mile run); Robert Peterson, 28th 25-29 AG, 1:37:20 (2:22/100m swim; 16.6 mph bike; 11:03/mile run); Lori Caballero, 28th 25-29 AG, 1:57:21 (2:29/100m swim; 13.4 mph bike; 12:43/mile run).; Ashley Leita 7th 20-24 AG, 1:37:15 (3:04/100m swim; 16.4 mph bike; 10:25/mile run).

Missy Janzow received her B.S. in Dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University and owns Fit4U, a personalized coaching and nutrition business that serves to train the novice or sea soned triathlete or runner. You can reach her with your questions at



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