Obama is good at placing blame on others

June 24, 2012 at 1:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I read with interest an analysis of Washington (AP) entitled "Obama takes a risk on immigration front."

The article compares Romney as the "play-it-safe" candidate to Obama as the "bigger risk taker" as regards the immigration policy because he is constrained by a complex, interrelated and frail economy and by a Republican-run House, and together, they severely limit his ability to influence the struggling U.S. economy, etc., etc.

Mr. Obama is very adept at blaming everyone and everything for his abject failures in running the country.

Yes, he does face a Republican House; however, he enjoys the full support of the more powerful Democratic Senate.

He had 3.5 years to move forward on the immigration issue, or the unemployment issue, etc. Instead, he wasted the past years blaming Republicans, Bush and anyone or anything he could. He had a wonderful chance to really make changes for the greater benefit of our country; instead, he chose to try to change our Republic into a socialistic society that is leading our great nation to certain destruction.

It's been said that all great nations eventually fall. Well, Obama is certainly doing his best to see that this great nation of ours fails.

Pray God that we prevent this by voting him out of office in November.

Rita Henderson, Victoria



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