American society is on the decline

June 24, 2012 at 1:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I have always believed that America was unique and blessed by God. I believe our role in the world is to be a stabilizing factor in promoting peace, freedom of religion, individual rights, assisting poor nations, etc. However, as I view America today, I believe all of these God-inspired intentions are rapidly disappearing.

As evidence of our nation's decline, consider the following concerns. The very fabric of our society is threatened by moral decay. Freedom of religion is being compromised by radical left-wingers, atheists and the ACLU who never miss an opportunity to downgrade and restrict religion. The institution of marriage between a man and woman is being compromised and considering that the divorce rate is nearing 50 percent, it appears that marriage is no longer considered a lifetime commitment. Since the family unit is the most important stabilizing factor in any society, one can see why our culture is in decline. Also, legalization of abortion is not only immoral, but has opened Pandora's Box to future events. Millions of babies are being killed, and now there is evidence that some abortions are being made because the baby's sex was not what was desired. The abortion issue indicates that life is no longer being respected, and in my opinion, we are no better morally than ancient civilizations who sacrificed people. Additionally, if a society permits the killing of babies, the next step will be to get rid of old people. If you think this is impossible, then you had better consider Obama's new health care law. In this law a bureaucrat will decide the extent of your medical care eligibility based on age and other factors. Also, reference is made to the elderly attending end of life counseling.

The question is what can we do about our decline? First, we must remove the present socialist administration as their ideology is a large part of the problem. Secondly, we must morally upgrade the way we lead our lives and follow Christian principles.

Lastly, your vote in the November election will determine if this country will survive and regain its God-inspired uniqueness and superiority.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna



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