Phrase 'evil spirits' was not meant to be literal

June 25, 2012 at 1:25 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In regards to a June 24 story in the Victoria Advocate, online edition entitled "Black Magic: Commission candidate blames sign vandalism on evil spirits," I wanted to make a statement of clarification. I was quoted as saying, "This is getting too ridiculous," and I believe this statement is applicable to some of the responses that the story has generated. I also believe that the Victoria Advocate's decision to convey my statements as an unreasonable response can be characterized as ridiculous. It should also go without mentioning that the defacing and theft of our campaign's signs is ridiculous.

It is true that I did state that, "I'm in constant prayer and hope that the angels come and take care of the evil spirits." However, my use of the phrase "evil spirits" was not meant to be received in a literal sense, but a metaphorical sense. It has been our goal since the beginning of this campaign to run a clean, fair and responsible campaign that is respectful of our opponents and our own campaign.

Though it is possible to point fingers, I would rather not. In this campaign, I have been falsely accused of many ridiculous things, including stealing signs and being put in jail (See Victoria Advocate - June 1 "Commissioner candidate was not stealing signs, police say"). Nevertheless, our campaign has kept calm and continued to carry on conversations with the voters of Precinct 1 about the issues that concern them the most. When the conversation gets away from the issues that matter to our families, we start losing track of what is truly important.

Clearly, it is not evil spirits, but those who wish to not see me elected to the commissioner's court. There will always be opposing voices, but it is my hope that we can use our voices in constructive ways, not destructive ways. This is the only way that we can make Precinct 1 and Victoria County a better place to raise a family. I would hope that we could all come together and put the ridiculous aside and keep the community conversation on the matters of importance.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear all of your ideas on how we can make Victoria an even better place to call home! God Bless you all!

Annie Ramos, Victoria



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