Danny Garcia has right experience for office

June 26, 2012 at 1:26 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Victoria County has an opportunity to hire a county commissioner who has experience and dedication, but more importantly, a person of good character. Danny Garcia has worked with budgets, managed personnel, worked with executives at the Transportation Department and with inspectors on construction projects. Danny Garcia has all the qualities necessary to do this job right. Danny will not need time to get trained, or consult with engineers for assistance because Danny is an expert in this field.

Danny worked throughout Texas in all 25 of TxDOT's districts. When elected county commissioner, Danny will be able to dedicate all his energy to only Victoria County and Precinct 1.

Danny Garcia was born and raised in Victoria County, that's why Danny understands the needs of the precinct.

A commissioner should routinely make rounds, meeting with constituents, evaluating roadways, going out after a rainy spell and evaluating drainage. Danny will make sure these things are done.

I ask the voters to list each of the candidates' qualifications for comparison and choose the one better fit for the job. Danny Garcia comes out on top every time.

Let's vote for Danny Garcia on July 31, a person you can trust.

Lupe and MaryAnn Rivera, Placedo



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