Candidates line up for May 12 election set

March 7, 2012 at 7:05 p.m.
Updated March 7, 2012 at 9:08 p.m.

Filing has ended for the May 12 city and school elections.

Early voting will be April 30- May 8.

In some races the candidates are uncontested. State law allows these entities to cancel the election and declare the uncontested candidates elected.

Below is a list of candidates for elections in the Crossroads region.

Calhoun County

Port Lavaca City council: Mayor, incumbent Jack Whitlow, antique store owner; City Council, District 2, incumbent Raymond Perez, Ineos Nitriles; District 6: incumbent Ken Barr, Calhoun school district substitute teacher;

Calhoun School Board: District 4, incumbent Steve Marwitz, Formosa Security and Risk Management employee, incumbent; District 5, incumbent Mike Mueller, Seadrift Coke planner and scheduler.

Point Comfort City Council: Mayor, incumbent Pam Lambden, retired; City Council, At-Large, incumbents Stephen Lambden and George Hernandez, both are Formosa employees.

Sales tax proposal: Proposal to increase sales tax from 7.75 cents to the state limit of 8.25 cents.

Seadrift City Council: Mayor, incumbent Elmer DeForest, trainer; City Council, at-large two to be elected, incumbent Robert Chatham, retired, Eldon Gaines, carpenter, Ranier Brigham, fishing guide, and June Cantrell, pastor. Councilman Don Miller did not file for re-election.

DeWitt County

Cuero City Council: Mayor, incumbent Sara Post Meyer, 65, retired teacher, Randy Saenz, 28, independent, Jeff Lucas, 49, business owner; City Council, District 2, Doyle Cruz, 57, warehouse worker, David Ruiz, 59, independent, Terry Glover, 48, barber. Incumbent Mark Baros did not file for re-election; District 3, incumbent Brad Hedrick, 51, energy marketing specialist, Eric U. Pena, 50, prison guard.

Yorktown City Council: At-Large, three to be elected, incumbent Frances Villa, 58, administrative assistant, incumbent Ruben "B.B." Garcia, 51, state employee, Larry Jack Miller, 78, retired; incumbent Manuel Serrano did not file for re-election.

Yoakum City Council: Place 4, incumbent Elorine Sitka , 66, vice-president Yoakum National Bank, Cindy Martin, 41, secretary; Place 5, Rodney Jahn, 50, air conditioner contractor, to fill the unexpired term of Margie McMullen who resigned.

Nordheim City Council: At-Large, three to be elected, incumbent Rene Garcia, 68, retired, incumbent Patricia Garcia, 55, retired. Incumbent Tim Osterloh did not file for re-election.

Cuero school board: District 5, incumbent Emily Davis, 69, retired teacher, Linda Nemec, 38, administrative assistant; At-Large, two to be elected, incumbent Johnny Blackwell, 40, sales manager, Cynthia Santa Cruz, 41, tax preparer, Monica Ann Gomez, 29, loan manager, Araceli "Shelly" Pena, 48, municipal court clerk, Brooke Smith, 32, operations manager. Incumbent Lynnie Jalufka did not file for re-election.

Yorktown school board: Bond Election: $5.8 million to build a new high school and other construction projects.

Yoakum school board: At-Large, three to be elected, Glen Kusak, 51, business owner, Terry Boening, 55, business owner, Walt Ellis Hairell, 45, business owner, all are incumbents.

Nordheim school board: At-Large, three to be elected, Pamela Remmers, 52, business analyst, John Green, 48, firefighter, Janice Ladner Brown, 67, retired educator. All are incumbents.

Pecan Valley Groundwater Conservation District Board: Precinct 3, incumbent Wilbert Sauermilch, 80, retired.

DeWitt Medical District Board: At-Large, two to be elected, Amy Crain, 46, bank vice president, Rick Wheeler, 65, insurance agent, both incumbents

Yoakum Hospital District Board: At-Large, three to be elected, incumbent Ron White, 47, insurance adjuster, incumbent Robert Jacobs, 78, rancher, Larry Brandt, 66, retired. Incumbent Judy Brandt did not file for re-election.

Goliad County

Goliad City Council: Mayor, incumbent Jay Harvey, 46; City Council, at-large, two to be elected, incumbent Ed Carter, 69, Arturo Garza, 55, and Alfred Perez, 55; incumbent Mike Pena did not file for re-election.

Goliad school board: District 5, incumbent Bob B. Gayle, 61; District 7, incumbent W. A. "Trey" Wimberly III, 40, Jimmy Garcia, 43.

Jackson County

Edna City Council:

District 3, incumbent Maxine Price, 71, park director; District 4, incumbent Jean Anne Sorensen, 80, retired teacher, Shirley Odell, 56, GCR Tire; District 5, incumbent Ray Chavarria, 40, process operator, Mario Majica, 32, plumber, Robert Snow, 33, surveyor.

Jackson County Hospital District: Precinct 1, Position 2, Elida Benavides, educational aide; Precinct 2, Position 2, Janet Chanek, bookkeeper; Precinct 3, Position 2; Willard Ulbricht, insurance company owner; Precinct 4, Position 2, Jerry Adelman, retired salesperson, all incumbents.

Ganado School Board:

Position 5, Allen Parks, 42, I&R Tech; Position 6, Mary Kay George, 51, assistant chief appraiser; Position 7, James Hicks, 48, self-employed, all incumbents.

Edna School Board:

District 1, Brandon Curlee, 35, Department of Public Safety State trooper; District 2, Terry Miller, 49, Formosa; District 4, Brandon Peters, 35, oil field; District 1 incumbent Jerald Boyd did not seek re-election.

Industrial School Board: At-Large, three to be elected, incumbent Missy Klimitchek, 45, Victoria College registrar, incumbent Clay Van Pelt, 42, CPA, Dale Allen, 36, farmer, Tammy Gendke, 35, LSSP, Incumbents Carl Allen, 65, and Tim Garcia, 83, did not seek re-election.

Lavaca County

Hallettsville School board: Place 1, incumbent Todd G. Schindler, 48, business owner, Scott A. Janak, 42, steel fabricator; Place 2, incumbent Dean Madden Jr., 43, grocery store manager, Marna Klimitchek, 43, stay-at-home mom, Kevin Myers, 41, facility director; Place 3, Susan Seay, 48, accountant, incumbent Mike DeLaRosa did not seek re-election.

Lavaca Hospital District Board: Place 1, incumbent Lawrence "Larry" Korenek, 66, retired, Herb Beyer, 57, pastor, Sarah Allen Kram, 31, attorney; Place 3, incumbent William "Bill" Grafe, 64, business owner, John C. Allen, 49, pharmaceutical sales representative; Place 5, incumbent Gene Schott, 58, biomedical technology manager, Laddie "Ladd" Hanacek, 52, self-employed; Place 7, incumbent Janice "Jan" Mullins, 66, hospital pharmacist, Billy Joe Hobbs, 76, retired.

Moulton City Council: Place 3, Diane Rothbauer, 48, office manager, Harvey Kloesel, 66, restaurant owner, incumbent Travis Hill did not seek re-election; Place 4, incumbent Ernest J. Novosad, 61, semi-retired; Place 5, Gussie O. Machalec, 67, retired.

Moulton school board: Place 7, incumbent Danny Rother, 53, farmer/rancher; Place 6, Rhonda Braeuer, 52, self employed, Tina Trejo, 33, medical biller, Brad Anderle, 34, farmer/rancher, position was vacant due to the death of Bernadette Bacak.

Shiner School Board: Place 1, incumbent Julie Gamez, 39, AVP/marketing coordinator; Place 7, Max Moore, 37, physical therapy technician, J.M. "Trey" Rankin III, 45, banker, incumbent Dr. Maurice Wilkinson did not seek re-election.

Shiner City Council: at-large, three to be elected, incumbent Linda Loretta Rigby, incumbent Lawrence J. Kurtz, EMT, Robert Randall Boone, farming and sales, Alois A. Herman, retired; incumbent August Jaehne did not seek re-election.

Refugio County

Refugio City Council: Alderman Place 3, Leonard "Lenny" Anzaldua, 51, facilitator, Bart Wells, 53, designer, incumbent Ron Nelson did not file for re-election; Place 4, incumbent Frank J. Hosey, 51, employment counselor; Place 5, incumbent Wanda H. Dukes, 63, retired; Dale Skrobarcek 48, automotive technician.

Refugio School Board: District 2, incumbent Rene Garcia, 53, construction foreman, Monica Y. Flores, 36, office manager and 4-H program assistant; District 4, incumbent Gary Lee Wright, 42, chiropractor, Jennifer Perez-Lara, 41, oil/gas regulatory specialist.

Refugio Hospital District: Place 1 incumbent Art Loya, retired; Place 2, Clifton Pfeil, retired; Place 3, Glen Naylor, retired; Place 4, Sandra Ermis, self employed.

Bayside City Council: Place 2, Ned Aberly, 65, retired, Francisco "Frank" Briseno Jr., 43, refinery operations; incumbent Robert Moreno did not seek re-election; Place 3, incumbent Janet Christensen, 62, retired.

Woodsboro City Council: Place 3, Minerva Cisneros, 66, loan officer; Place 4, incumbent Carl Arnold, 77, retired, Elix Ortiz, 57, business owner; Place 5, incumbent Jimmy Blaschke, 46, human resources.

Woodsboro School Board: Place 3, incumbent Mandy Nixon; Place 4, incumbent Henry Fierova; Place 5, incumbent Jeff Gillispie.

Austwell City Council: Mayor, incumbent David Cann; Commissioner 1, Nadine Garner, incumbent Becky Denton not seek re-election; Commissioner No. 2, Jane Barber, mayor pro-tem

Austwell-Tivoli School Board: Place 1, incumbent Angela Lutz; Place 2, incumbent Chris Camacho.



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