Adams Tour down to oneunder par

March 10, 2012 at midnight
Updated March 9, 2012 at 9:10 p.m.

Brian Rowell

Brian Rowell

Brian Rowell took a look out the window after his round Friday and shrugged.

"If it was like this at home, I would've just stayed in bed," he said.

The veteran of the Adams Tour, with more than a decade of experience under his belt on different pro circuits, had braved two days of wind, and then had to put up with a soaked golf course.

And he was, admittedly, unprepared.

"I haven't been practicing in conditions like this at all," he said. "But I've been working really hard on my game and trying to get through it like everyone else."

This has amounted to a three-day score of 2-under after a 1-under 70 round Friday. The Lafayette, La. native leads the Victoria Open heading into the final round Saturday by two strokes, and at 2-under for the event is currently the only the only golfer under par for the event.

He hasn't played spotless golf, but Rowell's "What, me worry?" approach to the conditions and the course the last three days has given him an air of serenity about each hole he plays.

"The key is being patient and dealing with it," he said. "I know it's playing so difficult that a mistake isn't going to kill you."

In a way, it makes the conditions at Victoria Country Club a little forgiving, Rowell said.

"You've got to think that way," he added.

"It's pretty bad, but I don't know about worst," "If it was 30 degrees less, it'd be worse. I'd rather be wet than cold.

"But that drizzle all day long ... I'm glad to be out of it."

Each of the last three days, a player under par has succumbed to the conditions of some sort. Friday, it was Hugues Joannes, Rowell's playing partner for the day, who turned in a 2-over 73, moving him over par and leaving Rowell as the only player left under par.

Experience has been a big part of it. There's little Rowell, who has been a professional for 15 years since graduating from Ole Miss, hasn't seen.

The Victoria Open has been and endurance trial of sorts for the golfers still playing. The ones who have a shot, like Rowell, have been those that have handled winds whipping from all different directions, fast greens and, on Friday, drenching rain.

The conditions have meant that golfers have seen a different course each time they've stepped out to play.

"It's like learning a totally different course each day," he said.

TOURNAMENT NOTES•  Brian Rowell may be the only golfer under par, but his lead certainly isn't safe. At his heels are three golfers at even par. Bronson Burgoon, who shot a 69 Friday, will play with Rowell on Saturday, while Shawn Jasper (71 on Friday) and Charleton Dechert (71 on Friday) will play one group ahead.

•  Low round of the tournament belongs to two golfers in contention Jasper, who shot a 68 on Thursday, and Zach Fischer, who turned in a 68 on the opening day of the event. Jasper is tied for second, hurting from a hard luck 3-over 74 on the first day. Fischer had the weather catch up to him on Thursday, when he shot a 4-over 75.

•  First round leader Fischer and Hugues Joannes are still in the mix. Both are tied for third at 1-over.

• Victoria native Cory Manning had the conditions catch up to him. His round of 8-over 79 moved him back to 27th overall and 13-over for the event. Blessing's Brad Besler is in a four-way tie for 14th place at 6-over for the event. He shot even par on Friday.


Temperatures during tee time are expected to be in the mid 50s with a 60 percent chance of rain. The likelihood of rain only goes up as the day goes on. Temperature is expected to top out in the mid-60s.


The Victoria Open is the oldest event on the Adams Pro Golf Tour circuit. The event has been held as part of the series 18 times.

INVISTA-kci Victoria Open

Victoria Country Club

Third Round

March 7-10, 2012

Par: 71

Yardage: 6856

Purse: $56,000

1st place: $9,930

1 Brian Rowell Lafayette, LA 73-68-70--211 -2

T2 Bronson Burgoon The Woodlands, TX 72-72-69--213 E

T2 Shawn Jasper Marthasville, MO 74-68-71--213 E

T2 Charleton Dechert Pineville, LA 73-69-71--213 E

T5 Zack Fischer Wake Village, TX 68-75-71--214 +1

T5 Hugues Joannes Beaumont, TX 69-72-73--214 +1

7 Andrew Landry Beaumont, TX 74-71-70--215 +2

T8 Bobby Hutcherson Memphis, TX 75-72-69--216 +3

T8 Bobby Massa Grand Prairie, TX 75-72-69--216 +3

T10 Chris Brown Garland, TX 74-72-71--217 +4

T10 Matthew Vela San Antonio, TX 73-70-74--217 +4

T12 Praneeth Perera Carrollton, TX 73-74-71--218 +5

T12 Dustin Morris Crosby,TX 76-73-69--218 +5

T14 Phillip Hui San Antonio, TX 74-72-73--219 +6

T14 Michael Drake Fontana, CA 73-73-73--219 +6

T14 John Kimbell San Antonio, TX 78-70-71--219 +6

T14 Brad Besler Blessing, TX 74-74-71--219 +6

18 Scott Roudebush Dallas, TX 73-73-74--220 +7

T19 Chase Cooper Guymon, OK 75-72-74--221 +8

T19 Devin Carrey South Surrey, BC 76-72-73--221 +8

T19 Craig Kanada The Woodlands, TX 75-73-73--221 +8

T19 Michael Campbell Pineville, LA 71-71-79--221 +8

23 Ezequiel Reyna Weslaco, TX 76-70-76--222 +9

24 Cameron Bishop Tulsa, OK 76-73-75--224 +11

T25 Jared Vela Pasadena, TX 72-75-78--225 +12

T25 Will Osborne Wichita Falls, TX 71-78-76--225 +12

27 Cory Manning Victoria, TX 75-72-79--226 +13


Tee Time Name Scores

1 8:00 AM Dustin Morris, Crosby, TX 76-73-69--218 +5

Phillip Hui, San Antonio, TX 74-72-73--219 +6

1 8:09 AM Matthew Vela, San Antonio, TX 73-70-74--217 +4

Praneeth Perera, Carrollton, TX 73-74-71--218 +5

1 8:18 AM Bobby Massa, Grand Prairie, TX 75-72-69--216 +3

Chris Brown, Garland, 74-72-71--217 +4

1 8:27 AM Andrew Landry, Beaumont, TX 74-71-70--215 +2

Bobby Hutcherson, Memphis, TX 75-72-69--216 +3

1 8:36 AM Zack Fischer, Wake Village, TX 68-75-71--214 +1

Hugues Joannes, Beaumont, TX 69-72-73--214 +1

1 8:45 AM Shawn Jasper, Marthasville, MO 74-68-71--213 E

Charleton Dechert, Pineville, LA 73-69-71--213 E

1 8:54 AM Brian Rowell, Lafayette, LA 73-68-70--211 -2

Bronson Burgoon, the Woodlands, TX 72-72-69--213 E

Tee Time Name Scores

10 8:00 AM Michael Drake, Fontana, CA 73-73-73--219 +6

John Kimbell, San Antonio, TX 78-70-71--219 +6

10 8:09 AM Brad Besler, Blessing, TX 74-74-71--219 +6

Scott Roudebush, Dallas, TX 73-73-74--220 +7

10 8:18 AM Chase Cooper, Goodwell, OK 75-72-74--221 +8

Devin Carrey, Surrey, BC 76-72-73--221 +8

10 8:27 AM Craig Kanada, The Woodlands, TX 75-73-73--221 +8

Michael Campbell, League City, TX 71-71-79--221 +8

10 8:36 AM Ezequiel Reyna, Weslaco, TX 76-70-76--222 +9

Cameron Bishop, Tulsa, OK 76-73-75--224 +11

10 8:45 AM Jared Vela, Pasadena, TX 72-75-78--225 +12

Will Osborne, Fort Worth, TX 71-78-76--225 +12

10 8:54 AM Cory Manning, Victoria, TX 75-72-79--226 +13



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