Food service inspections

March 20, 2012 at midnight
Updated March 19, 2012 at 10:20 p.m.

The Victoria City-County Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun Counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Food Temperature/Time Requirements category is 5 demerits; in the Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements category, 4 demerits; and in the Facility and Equipment Requirements, 3 demerits. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those in the categories of Food Temperature/Time Requirements and Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements are detailed.


Taqueria Vallarta, 302 S. Esplanade St., Cuero. Demerits: 44. Improper hot hold temperature. Improper cold hold temperature. Need to discard the taco meat prepared Tuesday, which was stored at an improper cold hold temperature. Cannot touch tortillas or ready-to-eat foods with bare hands. Need to wash hands and wear gloves or use utensils. Store raw chicken below raw beef. Need to date label cooked, ready-to-eat foods with seven-day use-by date. Roaches under and behind the ice machine. Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces including doors and handles to freezers and microwaves. Cannot store knives between prep tables. Clean can opener blade. Six facility or equipment violations.

Gary's Corner Store, 1005 S. Wells St., Edna. Demerits: 31. Improper cold hold temperature. Wash hands before putting gloves on. Capri-Sun needs package labeling. Expired lunch meat. Discard food out of temperature for more than 4 hours. Date label deli sandwiches with seven-day use-by date. Keep spray nozzle 2 inches above flood level of sink when not in use. Need soap at hand washing sink and men's restroom. Need paper towels at hand sink. One facility or equipment violation.

Handi Kwik Food Mart, 805 N. Wells St., Edna. Demerits: 22. Improper cold hold temperature. Wash hands in handwashing sink before putting gloves on. Date label cooked, ready-to-eat foods with 7-day use-by date. Need paper towels in restroom. Three facility or equipment violations.

Courtney's Diner and Bakery, 106 E. Main St., Edna. Demerits: 16. Expired cottage cheese. Clean droppings in front cabinet. Four facility or equipment violations.

Stripes No. 2244, 1200 E. Broadway St., Cuero. Demerits: 15. Improper cold hold temperature. Expired lunch meat. Gnats in the kitchen. Clean the can opener blade. Two facility or equipment violations.

Red Dot Grocery, 314 Evers St., Cuero. Demerits: 14. Need to have bread label on display by packaged bread slices. Remove expired medicine. Need paper towels in restroom. Two facility or equipment violations.

Mission Nursing and Rehabilitation, 1010 McArthur St., Cuero. Demerits: 7. Hot water needs to be on at hand washing sink for hand washing. May need to relocate eye wash station. One facility or equipment violation.

La Hacienda Mexican Cafe, 7702 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 7. Store raw meat below other food. One facility or equipment violation.

Ole' Waterin' Hole, 11759 Nursery Drive, Victoria. Demerits: 7. Need water sample. Need to clean ice machine and store ice scoop on clean, sanitized surface. One facility or equipment violation.

McDonald's, 101 E. Broadway St., Cuero. Demerits: 6. Two facility or equipment violations.

Yoakum Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 1300 Carl Ramert Drive, Yoakum. Demerits: 3.

El Zacatecas, 521 S. Esplanade St., Cuero; Senior Citizens Center, 1013 E. Courthouse St., Cuero; Jackson County Hospital District, 1013 S. Wells St., Edna; Josie's Mexican Food, 610 W. Adams St., Port O'Connor; Ed Moya's Woodwork and Collectibles, 109 Dina St., Victoria; Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, 3809 E. Rio Grande St., Victoria; Julie's Grill and Snacks, 510 Proctor St., Victoria; Julie's Grill and Snacks No. 2, 107 N. Ben Wilson St., Victoria; Mario's Night Club, 1301 Tristan St., Victoria; Bistro Cafe, 1200 Carl Ramert Drive, Yoakum; J's Burger, 901 W. Grand St., Yoakum. Demerits: 0.


Elmcroft of Victoria, 411 E. Larkspur St., Victoria, inspected Feb. 1, with 3 demerits. Re-inspected Mar. 9, with violations corrected.

La Hacienda Mexican Cafe, 7702 N. Navarro St., Victoria, inspected Mar. 12 with 7 demerits. Re-inspected Mar. 13, with dishwasher repaired.

Taqueria Galvan LP 84 2BJT, state Highway 111 at Farm-to-Market Road 966, Yoakum, inspected Feb. 28 with 4 demerits. Re-inspected Mar. 14, still needing to turn in a water sample. At time of inspection could not get a chlorine reading proving chlorinator is working. Woman stated that they turn it off at times. Told her to submit water sample and if chlorinator is not working properly, she needs to call someone out to fix it.



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