Years ago for Sunday, Mar 25, 2012

March 22, 2012 at midnight
Updated March 21, 2012 at 10:22 p.m.


March 29 - Brother McCan will sing two beautiful Irish ballads at the Elks' Minstrel, entitled "I'm a Genuine White Man," and "He's Got It." These are the latest song hits of the day, laying "Alexander's Ragtime Band" and "Honey Man" completely in the shade. They were rendered for the first time in the United States at the White House a few days ago.

It has been decided to have the proposed bond issue for the city improvements include a central fire and police station, which are badly needed by Victoria and will make the issue much more popular.

March 30 - Many Victorians will go to Bloomington Monday to attend the Frisco's good roads exhibition, which consists of four cars of government exhibits. J.F. Govan of Houston, division passenger agent of the Frisco, was in the city yesterday to interest Victorians in the exposition.

March 31 - J.B. McDonald's delivery horse took fright at something while hitched in front of Dr. O.S. McMullen's residence this morning and ran away, badly damaging the wagon but hurting no one.

O.P. Fowler of Cuero, official stenographer for the court in the district presided over by Judge John M. Green, lost his purse containing $400 on the train between Karnes City and San Antonio, or after his arrival in Cuero last night. As may be supposed, he is making some efforts to find it.


March 28 - Ten and one-half additional units of affiliated credit have been awarded the Victoria Public Schools on this year's work by the State Department of Education, according to a notice received Saturday by Porter S. Garner, superintendent of schools.

March 30 - Vernon A. Adams, who won fifty-two games while losing only eighteen and tying two as football coach at the Victoria Junior College over a period of eight years, has accepted the position of head coach of athletics at the Texarkana Junior College at Texarkana, Texas, it was revealed here to day.


March 27 - The St. Joseph Band and its student conductor, Candido Casillas, won superior ratings in San Antonio Archdiocesan contests held at St. Gerard's in San Antonio. Faculty conductor of the band is Brother Robert Weissert.

March 28 - Members of Victoria High School's National Honor Society were honored at tea Tuesday afternoon at the school home economics department. The new slate of officers were installed as follows: Charles Kelso, president; Larry Muenzler, first vice-president; John Minatree, second vice-president; Jan Johnson, secretary; and Allen Vogt, treasurer.

March 29 - Noble Hartman, a 1949 graduate of Texas A&M College, has been named Victoria chairman for the College Development Fund Drive by the executive board of the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M.


March 25 - An estimate of the cost to conduct an in-depth study of the Victoria-Houston corridor for the superconducting supercollider project has doubled to $120,000.

Members of the El Campo-based South Texas Commission - which represents an eight-county region - learned of the increase in the projected cost of a study that would identify the best site for the project in the region.

The commission is expected to sign a contract with an engineering firm to conduct the study by early next week.

March 26 - DuPont Plant Manager Al Sampson said Wednesday it is "extremely critical" that the Victoria operation get a permit to expand the company's local solid hazardous waste landfill.

"Believe me, we wouldn't involve ourselves in something so controversial unless it was important to us," he said. "Getting the permit would enhance the handling of hazardous wastes, which is good for both Du Pont and the community."

March 31 - The Senate tentatively approved a bill on Monday that would prohibit smoking in public except in designated smoking areas.

Bill sponsor Chet Brooks failed, however, to get enough votes to win final Senate passage, which would send the measure to the House.

Asked if his bill might be construed as government "meddling," Brooks, D-Pasadena, responded, "No, not at all unless you want to say we're going to try to save as many people as we can from cancer and heart disease."



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