Pit bulls are like guns: responsibility needed

March 23, 2012 at 7:03 p.m.
Updated March 22, 2012 at 10:23 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I want to share some opinions on the Advocate's (March 21) lead story "Dog owner calls pit bull killing 'brutal.'" Yes, any dog has the potential to bite, but pits are different. A cocker spaniel, beagle, lab or whatever may bite and cause injuries, but the extent of injury, duration of the attack and fatality rate is different with pit bulls.

It is in their DNA. They have the body structure and temperament to be fearless, hold on and fight to the death. These qualities are why they are used as "catch dogs" when hunting wild hogs. It is impressive to watch them take on a big, mean boar but may not be for everyone's taste.

A good analogy for pit bulls is guns. Both are owned for protection, personal enjoyment and as a hunting tool, but come with a high degree of personal responsibility. I like guns and pit bulls, but not in the hands of an idiot.

Responsible pit owners keep them in a locked dog run or under their immediate control. Responsible gun owners keep them locked up or under their immediate control. Only the ignorant and irresponsible leave a gun or pit bull in their yard waiting for tragedy with the neighbor's child.

In the Advocate's report, the killing of the pit was called "brutal." I call it an appropriate response to irresponsible behavior.

A member of our family is a veterinarian and has told their story of performing a necropsy on a pit bull and removing chunks of flesh from a dead six-year-old girl out of the stomach of the dog. "Brutal" would be better used to describe the events of that day.

It seems like several times a year The Advocate will have a human interest cover story glorifying the victim mentality of some Obama-supporting family. If your pit bull or gang-banger son is running loose in town hurting people, the police may have to use force that they would rather not have to use. Quit whining and be responsible.

David Brooks, Port Lavaca



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