Information Overload: Draw Something for fun

By C.J. Castillo
March 24, 2012 at midnight
Updated March 23, 2012 at 10:24 p.m.

There is a reason I took longer than usual to write my column this week. I have been a little distracted by the popular new mobile app called Draw Something.

For those of you who haven't heard about this game, Draw Something is a social game/app from OMGPOP, which is similar to Pictionary.

The premise is simple. Choose a word, draw it and then have your opponent take a guess at what your drawing is supposed to represent.

The game has only been around for nearly six weeks and is already one of the top sellers in Apple's App store.

During the first five weeks, Draw Something was downloaded more than 20 million times. And just this week it was reported that Zynga Inc. purchased Draw Something for $200 million.

Why is the game so popular? It's the social aspect of the game. It's fun to watch your friends draw something, no matter how artistic or hilarious it may be. Seriously, you want a good laugh? You should see my drawings.

I hesitated to install the game on my iPhone because I knew I didn't need another game to take up my time. (Sorry to all my Words With Friends friends, I may be delayed a bit.) However, after a few days of being bedridden with a horrible case of allergies, I caved in.

It's not really important if you win while playing Draw Something. Not for me at least. The fact that you get to share something funny with a friend is what makes this game fun.

Think you are horrible at drawing? It doesn't matter. It makes the game even more fun. The sillier the drawings, the better.

The game replays your drawing as your opponent tries to guess. This is the social aspect of the game that makes Draw Something so appealing. Having someone watch a replay of me attempting to draw Elvis, is just, well, let's just say, has to be seen to be believed.

Another appeal of the game is the simple interface. You can connect to Facebook to play with others, or you can just sign in using your email account.

It has been reported that future updates for Draw Something will include a way to save drawings (right now I just use the screenshot option on my iPhone), more colors and controls and an in-game chat.

Draw Something is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. There is a free version, or you can pay 99 cents for the ad-free version. Now have fun and go draw something.

CJ Castillo writes about geeky stuff for the Victoria Advocate. You can contact her at Please send all correspondence c/o Victoria Advocate, P.O. Box 1518, Victoria, TX 77902.



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