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Two Step Dance Hall & Lounge shuffles into Victoria


March 28, 2012 at 4:05 p.m.
Updated March 27, 2012 at 10:28 p.m.

Bryant Price, with Agama Advertising, runs the light system through a test sequence as the Two Step Dance Hall and Lounge prepares to open after remodeling is complete.

Lights swept the floor and music filled the air Wednesday as Two Step Dance Hall & Lounge prepared for its grand opening.

But the move didn't just mark a new business in town. It also marked a new beginning.

The building at 4106 Houston Highway became abruptly vacant in early January when Jeffrey Tisdale, owner of the location's former tenant, Cowgirls nightclub, loaded up everything from liquor bottles to furniture, including even the dance floor, and closed.

Employees and building owners had no prior notice.

With the site's new incarnation, however, several Cowgirls employees will return to work, said Bryant Price, president of Two Step's parent company, Texas Country Entertainment Inc.

"We actually had the original group help with the painting and clean-up," Price said, explaining the closure put some people in tight situations. "We wanted to help give them some revenue."

The goal now is to turn Two Step into a dance hall and lounge setting, not merely a nightclub.

Downstairs, the business will offer a 1,500-square-foot dance floor, full bar, projection screen and stage for live music, Price said. Upstairs will boast video monitors featuring sporting events, games such as pool, darts and foosball, and couches that give patrons a bird's-eye view of the dance floor.

The business is solely open to those age 21 and up, Price said, and will enforce a strict dress code.

"We want people to have fun, but to be responsible," he said.

While Two Step opens to the public April 13, Price said, it will host private, soft openings throughout that week to ensure all systems are in working order.

Stacie Graves, Two Step's general manager and former general manager of Cowgirls, said she looks forward to opening day.

She said she spent her days since the January closing assisting with the remodel and whatever else was necessary with the budding business venture.

"It was scary," she said. "Nothing's a guarantee. We had hurdles we knew we had to overcome for this to open but, all in all, it's come together."

More than anything, Graves said, she looks forward to bringing her family of employees together once more.

"They always say when one door closes, another one opens," she said. "Ours is definitely opening."



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