More information on wastewater plant needed

March 29, 2012 at 8 p.m.
Updated March 28, 2012 at 10:29 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Why are Victoria taxpayers being kept from knowing more about the $20 million wastewater treatment plant (sewer plant) that the public works director and the mayor want to build in south Victoria?

Was there a discrepancy in the sewer plant capacity readings that were taken in 2005? Those readings were supposed to be over the average or annual average flow of 75-percent capacity for three months when the public works director for the city of Victoria, Lynn Short, decided that Victoria needed to build a new sewer plant by 2015?

In January 2012, Short stated in the Victoria Advocate that the sewer plant capacity readings have been below 75 percent since 2005, but he did not say how low the readings have been.

Short also made a statement that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality would fine the city of Victoria if a new sewer plant was not built by 2015.

The information I received from the TCEQ was that the TCEQ never threatened the city of Victoria with a fine. The TCEQ also stated that the city of Victoria did not have to wait to build a sewer plant, and the 75-percent flow capacity requirement was not a consideration in the permit application to build a new sewer plant.

The residents of Victoria should know more about the need for a new sewer plant, especially since the water and sewer rates have been increased and will continue to increase in the future to pay for this plant.

Indeed, the city of Victoria has not even been granted a permit by TCEQ to build this plant, but the permit application has been ordered for a contested case hearing (state administrative hearing) by the TCEQ commissioners.

Henry Perez, Victoria



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