Food service inspections

May 1, 2012 at 12:01 a.m.

The Victoria City-County Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun Counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Food Temperature/Time Requirements category is 5 demerits; in the Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements category, 4 demerits; and in the Facility and Equipment Requirements, 3 demerits. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those in the categories of Food Temperature/Time Requirements and Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements are detailed.


Speedy Stop No. 5, 5006 Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 28. Improper cold hold temperature. Need to wash hands in between tasks. Need ingredient labels on self-serve items. Remove any potentially hazardous foods that have been in walk-in more than four hours. Change gloves after touching rags. Keep time documented on food kept on steam table since it does not hold at 135 degrees. One facility or equipment violation.

Gonzalez Community Store, 5065 Farm-to-Market Road 616, Placedo. Demerits: 18. Cannot sell Capri Sun if labeled "not for individual sale." Store the pico and potato salad away from or above raw meat. Use the four-hour rule on tamales kept at room temperature. Two facility or equipment violations.

Drifters Bar and Grill, 2912 Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 15. Need to wash hands before putting on gloves. Keep cell phones off of the prep table. Need to use gloves when handling salad. One facility or equipment violation.

Dairy Queen, Highway 185, Bloomington. Demerits: 14. Remove dented cans. Keep hose above the three-compartment sink. Ants and flies in the storage area. Improper cold hold temperature. Two facility or equipment violations.

Texas Drive Inn, 3701 N. Ben Wilson St., Victoria. Demerits: 12. Need to wash hands at hand sink only. No eating allowed in kitchen. Need to use gloves when touching buns, lettuce and tomatoes.

McDonald's No. 25410, 3204-A S. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 10. Need to wash hands before putting on gloves. Two facility or equipment violations.

Speedy Stop No. 46, 5684 Highway 77 S., Victoria. Demerits: Watch dates. Keep times of food not at 135 degrees. Two facility or equipment violations.

Cady, Marilyn, Victoria. Demerits: 8. No hot water. Generator not working. Will get it fixed. Need to use proper hand washing procedures.

Gonzalez Restaurant, 5065 Farm-to-Market Road 616, Placedo. Demerits: 7. Date label food in the walk-in. One facility or equipment violation.

Six Mile Bar and Grill, 6662 Farm-to-Market Road 1090, Port Lavaca; Li'l Joe's Billiards, 401 N. George St., Victoria; Siesta Restaurant, 2505 E. Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 3.

Restaurant and Taqueria Calle 8, 819 Shepley St., Bloomington; H.E.B. Food Store No. 368, 1161 N. Esplanade St., Cuero; St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 103 Church St., Inez; Calhoun High School, 201 Sandcrab Boulevard, Port Lavaca; H.J.M. Elementary, 605 N. Commerce St., Port Lavaca; The Pantry, 702 N. Virginia St., Port Lavaca; Baytown Seafood Restaurant, 4010 Houston Highway, Victoria; Cafe Spoonz, 6106 N. Navarro St., Victoria; Guadalupe Elementary School, 1952 Guadalupe Road, Victoria; La Hacienda Mexican Cafe, 3402 Houston Highway, Victoria; Main Course, 612 Red River St., Victoria; Merle's Bar Barbecue and Catering LLC, 611 S. Moody St., Victoria; Robert's Eatery and Bakeshop, 1504 N. Laurent St., Victoria; Texan Nursing and Rehabilitation, 3401 E. Airline Road, Victoria. Demerits: 0.


Yoakum Gin and Feed, 117 West St., Yoakum, inspected April 12 with 12 demerits. Re-inspected April 20, critical violations corrected.



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