People need to tell TCEQ their opinions

May 3, 2012 at 12:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Thanks for the guest column on April 30 on the need for TCEQ commissioners to take bold steps to protect South Texas rivers and bays. What all of us need to do as the public affected by TCEQ is to write them at and let them know that our quality of life and economy is in their hands, and to follow the 19, not the three, of the stakeholders, appointed by the Legislature, decisions.

As pointed out, TCEQ sided with the three on the most significant flow requirements to sustain and improve our bays and estuary systems. By following what TCEQ and the three want for our bays and estuaries we will experience a further kiss of death. The recent red tide we experienced will be miniscule compared to what we will experience should the TCEQ and the three members get what is now proposed. The will of the majority was not respected by TCEQ in their proposed rules.

If you haven't read the guest column mentioned above, please do so and let your voice be heard at TCEQ so that there can be healthy bays and estuaries for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. For us, that we can still have seafood to eat from this great area.

Richard Fritz, Victoria



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