David Hagan will ask the tough questions

May 5, 2012 at 12:05 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Vote for conservative David Hagan. He believes in open meetings, not questionable council meetings down on Moody Street. Look at the front page of the Victoria Advocate, April 8, 2009. Look down under the business sign and reader board to the yellow sign. There is a meaning to what it says. Hagan doesn't belong to the CLIQUE of city government as his opponent does.

There has to be someone who is not part of the clique, who is brave enough to ask the tough questions: "Do we have to spend this money and add still another tax burden on our citizens?" Hagan has asked these questions.

David Hagan's opponent has lost two council races. The opponent's last loss was to one much more conservative; that's good. I don't remember why he lost his first race; maybe it was because he rode a donkey in a parade.

The opponent is my brother, whom I love very much, as only a brother can. When he got married again, he asked if it could be in front of my fire place; I said sure. It was an honor. But in all honesty, I would vote to re-elect conservative David Hagan and save my money.

Milton H. Neitsch Jr., Victoria



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