Iraq veteran seeks constable precinct four position

May 8, 2012 at 12:08 a.m.

Richard Williams

Richard Williams

Serving as Victoria County Constable Precinct 1 is seemingly a natural fit for Democratic candidate Richard "Richie" Williams.

A licensed peace officer since May 2005, Williams, 40, is seeking to take over the position left empty by former Precinct 1 constable Richard Castillo in the May 29 primary elections.

In early April, Castillo was appointed to Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace position.

Although he has taken on a new position, Castillo is still listed on the ballot as an incumbent for the constable position.

By the time he received his new appointment, the date had passed for him to be removed from the ballot.

A person cannot hold two offices.

The intention of the Victoria County Commissioners Court is to leave the constable position open until May 29, depending on who wins the primary.

Castillo's new appointment goes through Jan. 1, when a successor will be sworn in.

There are no Republican Party candidates for that position.

As far as the general election goes, each party will nominate a candidate whose name will go on the ballot.

Anyone else will have to run as an independent.

Williams shared his reasons for wanting to serve in the position.

"Since living in this community all my life, this position will provide me the opportunity to serve and give back to the community by faithfully performing the duties of the constable. This position will allow me to support our schools, the youth and the community," said Williams. "Our communities are growing at a rapid pace. I feel we need a working constable who has patrol experience and a passion for the position."

Williams served in the United States Army from 2000 to 2004, serving in Operation Bright Star (Egypt) and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

While deployed to Iraq, he completed numerous missions and worked with the military police guiding hundreds of convoys and missions.

If elected, Williams vowed to serve his constituents by executing civil process, focusing on the safety of the community and patrolling school zones, which is one of his main concerns.

"All of my constituents have asked me what am I going to do about the school zones. I am a firm believer of patrolling in the schools. With the staggered times for school zones, I will have the opportunity to execute this concern," said Williams. "I will be accessible to the community and to all law enforcement authorities to help deter crime."

Additionally, Williams said he will work to not only see that community policing is brought back to the community by helping to relieve the strain put on the sheriff's office with the overwhelming calls throughout the county, but he also plans to work with the adjoining counties' sheriff's offices and police departments to help extradite warrants and civil process.

He also wants to increase the amount of constable personnel, which he hopes to do with the assistance of the commissioners court and pursuing grants to help with the funding to allow two part-time deputies.



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