Stacy captures high weekly bowling total

May 9, 2012 at 12:09 a.m.

Mike Stacy blasted the pins during Red River League play to take the high series weekly honors.

In a week where scores were down some, Stacy showed his dominance by rolling the only 700 set for the week.

He started league play with a great 278 game and then settled for final games of 212 and 218 to post a 708 series.

Mike Wortham and David Flores tied for the second high set with scores of 249-671 and 246-671, respectively.

Other nice scores for the men were Jerry Cano (252-670), Steve Dickinson (244-657), Kim Blake (254-654), Steve Zeplin (648/648), Tony Payne (265), Abel Garcia (256), Chris Flores (255), Frank Sanchez (255), Kenny Schupbach (253) and David Matthews (252).

Lori Heil edged Lynda Mikulec for the high women's series while competing in the Spring Guys & Dolls League.

Heil produced games of 218, 200 and 182 to total an even 600 set.

Mikulec rolled a 224 high game, contributing toward a 598 in Sugar & Spice League play.

Other scores for the women were Judy Reyna (210-576) and Christine Speer (566).

The tournament standings for the 2012 Texas State USBC Open have not been changed since April 30. Local bowlers still in the top 15 in Division I are David Matthews (4th Singles, 820) and Mike Osterson (8th All Events 2,317). In Division II, Dandy Richards (3rd Singles, 848), Tome Crowe (tied 13th, 799) and Mark Blohm-Darren Blohm (12th Doubles, 1,528). In Division III, Joe Wittenburg (tied 13th Singles, 802).

I will continue updating until the tournament ends in June.

I have not seen or heard of any local women breaking the top 15 in the Women's State Tournament. If any bowler has good scores to report, please let me know.

Scholarship forms and requirements for eligibility are available at the The deadline is June 15.

In Memoriam

It is with regret I note of another former Victoria bowler having passed.

Janie Pahmiyer died last week at the age of 86. She and husband Charlie bowled for many years in local leagues. Charlie passed away several years ago.

My sympathy and condolences go out to the family.


Summer leagues are being formed now at the Century Lanes and Woodlawn Bowling Center. If you are interested in joining a league, contact the Century at 361-576-1176 or the Woodlawn at 361-582-0921.

If you are a former bowler or would like to join a league for the first time, summer leagues are great for working on your game.

Starting Aug. 1, the yearly USBC membership card will be $17.

If an existing sanctioned bowler can bring a new bowler into a league for the fall season, however, the existing bowler and new bowler will each receive a $5 rebate off their membership card. The rebate will be issued after the new bowler has bowled 21 games in sanctioned play.

A new bowler is defined as a bowler who has not bowled in a sanctioned league for the past two years or has not ever been a member of USBC.

The Century Lanes and the Victoria USBC Association have combined to make the rebate possible in an effort to increase membership in the local association.


RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 278-708; D. Flores 246-671; D. Richards 225-645; A. Garcia 256-640; K. Schupbach 253-637; D. Matthews 252-632; R. Vivero 227-628; D. Marques 228-600; S. Zeplin 231-590; D. Erdelt 589; G. Mason 587; A. Flores 238-587; D. Blohm 581; M. Wortham 563; J.P. Reyna 559; S. Snow 556; T. Crowe 553; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: J. Sanders 530; Men: S. Dickinson 244-657; C. Flores 255-610; T. Payne 265-605; M. Redding 584; E. Gonzales 584; K. Bryan 571; B. Kitchens 546; J. Rodriguez 546; SPRING GUYS & DOLLS 1st PIN ACTION Women: L. Heil 218-600; Men: E. Smith 227-620; M. Osterson 578; R. Kalmus 562; R. Rendon 560; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST 2+2 Women: L. Mikulec 224-598; J. Reyna 210-576; S. Guinn 219-535; Men: M. Wortham 249-671; J. Cano 252-670; S. Zeplin 648; R. Vivero 643; G. Pitts 237-636; C. Kurtz 236-633; L. Mikulec 243-623; B. Mooney 615; F. Suniga 255-610; K. Schupbach 605; B. Hyden 226-597; T. Blake 249-589; J. Tweedle 586; M. Svatek 586; B. Hilbig 244-585; C. Aiken 582; M. Rodriguez 573; R. Fissler 569; D. Flores 235-566; D. Richards 566; T. Bennett 232-563; R. Nickel 230-552; DOW LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Cavazos 243-616; J. Oswalt 598; B. Banda 234-562; S. Chavez 560; K. Mobley 556; K. Logan 555; P. Bowland 551; CAPTAIN'S PURPLE ACES Women: C. Goode 484; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 566; D. Gabrysch 215-520; Men: K. Blake 254-654; S. Zeplin 237-648; J. Tweedle 617; B. Kitchens 606; S. Dickinson 600; R. Rodriguez 594; S. Snow 243-592; M. Conchola 589; M. Cantu 235-588; D. Matthews 582; B. Breaux 579; J. Hernandez Sr. 577; M. Espindola 249-567; D. Espindola 563; E. Gonzales 563; R. Gabrysch 562; K. Bryan 561; C. Bigham 558.



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