Chomp! Pappy's Crab House, a tasty local hangout

By by camille m. doty/
May 9, 2012 at 12:09 a.m.

REFUGIO - I ventured down U.S. Highway 77 to enter Bobcat territory to try Pappy's Crab House.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to see four letters on the window - B-Y-O-B.

The seafood and oyster bar on North Alamo Street in Refugio used to be a Pizza Hut.

As I entered the doors, everyone stopped in their tracks to see my unfamiliar face. The initial stare faded away in a matter of seconds when Brenda told me to have a seat.

Not knowing the restaurant's protocol was an obvious sign that I was a first timer.

The walls were filled with casting nets and sea shells, adding to the feel of a true seafood restaurant. There's a pillar of autographed bibs, which made for a homey touch.

Brenda wore a warm smile and brought ice cold water. I wanted to try the seafood quesadilla, and I was a little disappointed to find out it wasn't being served anymore.

Instead, I ordered a pistolet, a french baguette stuffed with cheese and crab, for an appetizer.

It was fairly tasty. But in all fairness, I've never had one before, so I couldn't make any comparisons.

The tables had silver buckets, hot sauce, crackers and napkins (in case things got too messy).

For dinner, I ordered Pappy's Platter, a full plate of shrimp, fish, hush puppies, fries and a crab cake.

While you can get coleslaw or beans and rice, I was a rebel and ordered double fries.

There was enough food for two and some to spare. I particularly liked the fish and shrimp. I loved the tartar sauce.

The po' boy is a great selection if you want a sandwich. I enjoyed the toasted bread.

Families trickled in with their hearty appetites and coolers and the employees hugged the regulars and made small talk.

Several groups ordered the crawfish and corn. Some chose blackened fish and vegetables.

The food is fresh and reasonably priced. I recommend it.



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