Primary voting, campaigns need changes

May 10, 2012 at 12:10 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Mr. Benoit's letter to the editor was correct in every aspect. Americans have always been proud of the fact they had the right to vote for the candidate or their choice. This is not true in Texas when you vote in the primaries. I have always wondered if this is only in Texas or true in all states. I have always tried to vote for the candidate I thought was the most qualified or best for the office they were running for. This is not possible in the primaries as you have to decide whether you want to vote for the Democrats or Republicans. We need to contact our representatives and demand this policy be changed so we can vote for the person we think is best for the position/office, regardless of their party. All state primaries should be held the same day throughout the U.S. Another item I would like to comment on is voter picture I.D. You cannot do business without a picture I.D., so why the objection to using it for voting. The only reason I can think of is some people want to vote using someone else's voter registration. No campaigning until three months before any election, including the presidential election.

Nell Lanfear, Port Lavaca



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