Years ago for Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 10, 2012 at 12:10 a.m.


May 13 - On account of the approaching dismantlement of the old Allnoch Building at the corner of Constitution and Main Streets to make room for the five-story building to be erected by John Welder, the occupants of the old building are seeking other quarters.

Arthur E. Cline has removed his tailor shop to the Allnoch Building on South Main Street, sharing quarters with L.I. Jecker of the novelty store. J.W. Rutland will remove his dry goods store to the Gillespie Building on North Main Street, and Stapleton and Schuchert will use a room in the Leibold Building on East Constitution Street for their barbershop. R.B. Bledsoe, in order to take advantage of the new location of the post office, has also rented a room at the Leibold Building, and is removing his cigar store there from the Collier Building on South Main Street.


May 14 - The old townsite of Indianola for a short time Sunday will have mail deposited as near the Old Post Office as it is possible. A special cover in memory of the pioneer Texans who lost their lives in the storm of September 15, 1875, has been prepared and after being stamped will be taken to the old townsite and deposited in a mail pouch for dispatch.

May 15 - Victorians who may within the next few days see a flock of bright balloons are reminded not to think that it is migrating season. It is really an experiment being carried out by the Texas Agriculture Experiment Station and the United States Department of Agriculture. The purpose was not announced.


May 16 - A pair of young women who sport 95-plus averages, have taken top scholastic honors at Nazareth Academy. Valedictorian is Miss Elizabeth Marie Pozzi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pozzi of Victoria. Miss Pozzi took the honor with an average of 95.76. Miss Diane Dentler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Dentler of Victoria, is salutatorian. Her average was 95.45. Miss Pozzi's ambition is to be a math teacher. She will attend Victoria College for her first two years. Miss Dentler hopes to become an executive secretary, and will attend Durham Business College.

May 19 - Roger Stockbauer and David Hanselka have been named winners of the top scholastic awards at St. Joseph High School. Stockbauer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stockbauer, was named valedictorian with a grade average of 97.0. Hanselka, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hanselka, compiled a 92.4 average.


May 17 - City Manager James J. Miller said he's not sure how cost effective it would be to contract out water meter reading services to local power and gas utilities.

Although the private meter readers may cover the same basic territory, Miller said he wouldn't know how wise such a move is until several questions are answered.

"It's feasible for anybody to read water meters," he said. "But the big question is whether it can be done at a savings for the city and a profit for the contractor."

May 18 - America was founded by people who had a commitment to excellence, and the 1987 graduates from the University of Houston-Victoria are "our" hope of attaining that excellence again.

That was the message Wilbur L. Meier Jr., Chancellor of the University of Houston System, delivered in his commencement address at UHV's thirteenth commencement exercise Sunday afternoon.

The people who founded America had a pioneer spirit, and they were productive people who constantly searched for something better, Meier said.

"Somewhere along the line we've lost that aspiration," he said.

Americans have reached a point where they seek their own comfort and security, but have failed to strive for longer reaching goals, Meier noted.

On a national level, productivity has slipped and quality has suffered, he added.

Meier offered the candidates for graduation eight points to consider in pursuing excellence:•  Don't believe everything worthwhile has been completed.

•  Don't believe that what you want to do is impossible.

•  Don't be afraid to fail or to take risks.

•  Don't try to be just good enough.

•  Don't accept the conventional solution or the status quo. Always ask why.

•  Don't forget to be creative or imaginative.

•  Don't believe the world is waiting for you to graduate from this university.

•  Don't forget to do something.



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