VC chemistry instructor honored

May 12, 2012 at 12:12 a.m.

Chemistry Instructor Ron Reese, center, works with students Drew Mueller, left, and Janice Daley, right.

Chemistry Instructor Ron Reese, center, works with students Drew Mueller, left, and Janice Daley, right.

Chemistry instructor Ron Reese was recognized during Victoria College's spring 2012 commencement ceremony Saturday with the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Reese has been teaching chemistry in VC's Division of Science, Mathematics and Physical Education since he joined the faculty in 2008. He teaches organic chemistry along with general, analytical and instrumental chemistry.

"Dr. Reese is a highly motivated teacher who cares about each of his students," said Dean of VC's Division of Science, Mathematics and Physical Education Jerry Hamilton. "His dedication and willingness to help every student makes him very popular on campus. Most importantly, he provides his students with a fundamental understanding of chemistry that will allow them to be successful in their future endeavors."

Following his nomination by current students Jason Zissa, Luke Kelly and Aaron Escalante, Reese received supportive acclaim from numerous students and colleagues citing his dedication to teaching and outstanding student support.

"I enjoy interacting with my students," Reese said. "I encourage them to work hard in their current studies and strive to help them get ahead."

According to his peers, Reese possesses a collaborative work ethic that elevates the quality of instruction for the entire department. His fellow instructors also recognize his passionate dedication to teaching chemistry along with his ability to challenge his students while making his classes interesting and enjoyable.

His students also appreciate his teaching style, which former student Daniel Welder said fostered a new appreciation for chemistry and gave him a new perspective on education in general.

"Dr. Reese instills in students the importance of learning and retention, providing countless real-world applications of the subject material," said Welder.

Reese encourages his students not to settle for mediocrity, but to reach as high as they can reach. He is impressed with the heights some of his students have attained.

"The high academic standards at VC go a long way to preparing transfer students for the competitive environment at some of the top universities in Texas, such as Texas A&M or the University of Texas," Reese said. "I've had the pleasure of keeping up with students who have gone on to these universities and been very successful both academically and professionally."

Prior to becoming an instructor at VC, Reese taught chemistry at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He and his wife moved to Victoria in 2006 after she obtained employment in the area. He graduated from Texas A&M University at College Station with a doctoral degree in chemistry and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Tyler.

Throughout his career, Reese has been recognized many times for his superior instruction. He has worked in collaboration with other academic professionals to publish his work in several scholarly journals.



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