Obama is not a friend to the middle class

May 14, 2012 at 12:14 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

President Obama and his democratic allies claim they help the middle class. Their actions say otherwise.

For example, gasoline prices have doubled since Mr. Obama became president.

The President refuses to let private industry build a crude oil pipeline from Canada to Texas. Construction workers are denied jobs, landowners are denied rent, and factory worker jobs are at risk because there is less crude oil to refine.

Obamacare adds about 30 million uninsured to Medicare. The premiums for the working middle class have already risen by about 10 percent to pay for this free insurance.

During Obama's tenure, the Federal Reserve has cut interest to almost zero. As a result, the working middle class has seen the value of their retirement savings stagnate.

Obama has created 5 trillion dollars in U.S. debt. Thus, the value of everyone's dollar has declined. Food, clothing, almost everything now costs more.

Obama's EPA has placed such stringent restrictions on coal that all of the coal miners in the country may eventually lose their jobs. Further, railroads that now haul coal will need fewer middle class workers.

If you think Obama and the Democrats are friends of the working middle class, think again.

W. Eugene White, Victoria



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