Bowler powers his way to a 691 series

May 16, 2012 at 12:16 a.m.

Glenn Mason powered his way to the high series of the week by crushing the pins in the last two games of Red River league competition.

Mason started the final week of league play with a 205 before finding his strike shot to finish with great games of 245 and 247 to total 691.

With most of the fall leagues completing their schedule this past week, the overall scores were a little low, but several teams won their respective leagues.

Michael Conchola produced the second high score with a 258 high game, contributing towards a 686.

Frank Suniga started the second game of Sugar & Spice play with 10 strikes in a row before an eight-pin count and spare rewarded him with a 288 game. He finished with a 683 set.

Other nice scores for the men were Justin Smith (247-684), Abel Garcia (666), Ramsey Martinez (654), Rick Kalmus (257) and Mike Osterson (253).

Christine Speer was high for the women during Friday Mixed competition to produce a 218 high game and 589 total.

Lynda Mikulec was one pin back to shoot a 588, and Carri Lee posted a 575.


Summer leagues are now forming with the Woodlawn Lanes having a meeting Wednesday for the Wednesday Night league. The league is scheduled to start May 30. For more information, contact Robert Pfeil at the Woodlawn 361-582-0921.

The Century Lanes also has several leagues that are being formed. For a schedule, call 361-576-1166.

Moving On

The Over The Hill senior league finished last week, and most of the seniors are ready for the next fall season to start.

One bowler who will miss the next season after a long run will be V.A. Stovall.

V.A. and wife Sandy moved to Victoria from the big town of Blessing after he retired at the age of 65. He has been a part of senior league competition in Victoria for the past 23 years.

He and wife Sandy have moved to Spring to be closer to their children as he has reached the age of 85.

V.A. has always been a friendly competitor and loves bowling as evidenced by traveling from Spring to Victoria to finish out the Over The Hill season, especially since he was the league president.

Although Sandy does not bowl, she would accompany V.A. every week and offer moral support. She would also help run the 50/50 raffles the senior league held.

I am sure I speak for the senior bowlers in stating V.A. and Sandy's smiling faces will be missed in coming years.

As V.A. mentioned, what he will miss is the camaraderie among the senior bowlers.


The latest results from the Texas State Open tournament held in Austin still has area bowlers in the top 20 in standings.

In Division I, David Matthews is tied for sixth in singles with a score of 820, and Mike Osterson is tied for 10th in all events with a score of 2,317.

In Division II, Dandy (Herschel) Richards is in third place in singles with a score of 848, and Tom Crowe tied for 16h with a series of 799.

Mark and Darren Blohm are in 19th place with a doubles score of 1,528.

In Division III, the Port Lavaca duo of Tracy Blake and Michael Sanders is in seventh place with a score of 1,573 in doubles, and Victoria's Joe Wittenburg is tied for 20th in singles with an 802.


TURKEY TROTTERS League Champions: Foxey Ladies with members Alice Capelo, Jacqueline Shults, Janet Sims, and Georga Birchum. RED RIVER League Champions: Randy's Raiders with members Abel Garcia Randy Vivero, Dandy Richards, Kenny Schupbach, Darren Blohm, Ramsey Martinez, and John Figueroa. Men: G. Mason 247-691; A. Garcia 230-666; R. Martinez 234-654; M. Stacy 234-634; R. Vivero 628; D. Matthews 226-614; K. Schupbach 225-607; B. Marques 226-606; J. Matson 226-603; S. Snow 595; S. Zeplin 232-590; J. Tweedle 585; R. Thompson 575; W. Lorance 573; D. Blohm 570; D. Flores 558; J.P. Reyna 557; A. Flores 226-554; M. Conchola 553; T. Pfuhl 550; SPRING GUYS & DOLLS League Champions: PIN ACTION with members Carolyn and David Danesi, Rusty Cooper, Tommy Fagg, and Rick Kalmus. Men: R. Rendon 235-586; R. Kalmus 257-585; M. Osterson 253-577; R. Cooper 227; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (three way tie) RANDY'S RAIDERS, 2+2, AND TWISTED & BENT Women: L. Mikulec 588; C. Lee 575; D. Stroud 210-561; S. Guinn 213-549; C. Speer 532; T. Wortham 530; Men: F. Suniga 288-683; L. Mikulec 239-640; D. Richards 233-639; C. Kurtz 236-620; K. Stacy 233-617; R. Vivero 225-613; D. Flores 612; K. Schupbach 234-592; J. Tweedle 591; M. Rodriguez 225-575; J. Wittenburg 578; S. Zeplin 577; T. Bennett 571; L. Stroud 563; B. Mooney 561; J. Martinez 561; J. Figueroa 561; R. Fissler 561; G. Pitts 559; M. Osterson 551; CAPTAIN'S League Champions" PURPLE ACES with members Jan Husak, Carol Goode, Doris Schmidt, Patty Tidwell, and Helen Cox.. Women: R. Salziger 473; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 218-589; D. Gabrysch 549; Men: M. Conchola 258-686; J. Smith 247-684; S. Zeplin 238-645; C. Aiken 234-636; B. Mooney 244-627; S. Dickinson 235-619; R. Gabrysch 602; C. Bigham 602; B. Luerssen 598; K. Blake 597; K. Bryan 577; E. Gonzales 574; S. Snow 573; D. Espindola 566; CENTURY YOUTH League Champions: AMY & THE PINHEAD with members Amy Moore and Tommy Bassano. Girls: B. Koebrick 202-415; R. Wortham 432; Boys: M. Soliz 202-533; T. Bassano 188-500; T. Bennett 190-498.



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