Upcoming changes to nuclear power emergency procedures will not affect Victoria County

May 16, 2012 at 12:16 a.m.

Changes to emergency procedures surrounding nuclear power will not affect Victoria County at the moment, said Jeb Lacey, the county's emergency management coordinator.

Even if Victoria County's proposed Exelon nuclear plant came to fruition, detailed emergency procedure plans would not join the mix until far into the future, he said. At that point, the changes could be worked into the guidelines.

Still, Lacey said the updates could benefit those communities affected.

Vulnerability in security is one of the nuclear industry's greatest issues, he said, noting that local, state and regional governments have not historically been involved in that aspect.

"This is certainly going to open a whole new window of consideration for planners and responders," Lacey said. "Hopefully, this will lead those communities to be better prepared."



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