Americans must take a stand

May 17, 2012 at 12:17 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Same-sex marriage is in the news a lot these days. Such a thing would have been unheard of 75 years ago, but the news media finds it to be fodder for discussion. It is no secret that gays by and large are successful people and they have considerable money to promote their cause. Little by little, as the proverbial camel got his nose in the tent, the idea is pushing farther than many thoughtful people ever thought possible. To begin with, homosexuality has been taboo for thousands of years; it is an aberration of human sexuality. The Bible is definitely against the practice.

They have used political correctness extensively. First, we are not supposed to criticize any one or anything today because you might hurt someone's feelings. They use "power words," such as fairness, equality, rights, tolerance, freedom and homophobia to make the public feel guilty.

Let it be said here and now that gays have every right any American has, but they do not have the right to marriage. I am amazed that no one speaks out at this idea of "rights," because it is faulty thinking. Many gays live together quietly and raise no fuss, but others want two things: they want respectability and they want the tax breaks that married couples get. We must stop this trend of liberalism in America before we destroy ourselves.

Finally, some of them want to raise children. I find this appalling. It takes a mother and a father to raise children successfully.

We do not hate the homosexuals; many of us know some or have a gay family member, but they must stop pushing for rights that are not theirs.

Raymond F. Smith, Victoria



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