Years ago for Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 17, 2012 at 12:17 a.m.


May 20 - Rev. John B. Hudson, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, delivered a masterful sermon to the graduating class of the Victoria High School at the Lutheran Church last night. The church was crowded with people to hear the eminent divine. Four hundred seats had been provided, but these all were occupied, and the standing room was also taken up. It was the largest congregation that ever assembled in the beautiful new Lutheran house of worship.

May 24 - In the near future, entertainment will be given at Hauschild's Opera House for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of a drinking fountain to the memory of the men, women and children who went down on the Titanic.

May 26 - Joseph Lingo, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Lingo, was found unconscious in his father's buggy, which he had been driving about town, in front of J.H. McCabe's grocery store Saturday afternoon. There was a bruise on his chin, but he was unable to give any account of the injury after regaining consciousness. He believes somebody struck him with a rock.


May 23 - The nine members of the senior class of St. Joseph's High School will receive their diplomas at a solemn graduation exercise that is to be held in St. Mary's Church on Sunday night, May 30, at 8 o'clock. The young men to be thus honored are Prosper Dischinger, John Hardin, Weldon Horadam, Valerian Huvar, Allison Hyak, Robert Miori, Alvin Pribyl, Larkin B. Smith and John Williams.

May 25 - Several of the buildings at the Victoria District Fair grounds north of the city, recently purchased by Mrs. James F. Welder, have been dismantled to make way for the new St. Joseph High School building that is to be erected on a portion of the property sold to the St. Joseph Educational Foundation.


May 21 - Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Winston Zirjacks entertained 36 seniors from Victoria High School Thursday, May 18, on the patio of the Zirjacks home. Honorees were Edward Angerstein, Lillian Brinkman, Chuck Carsner, Frank Cain, Jay Cliburn, Pam Crain, Joe Cone, Lloyd Davis, Nancy Fanning, D'Ette Fly, Ann Gerrard, Tommy Gibbons, Judy Harris, Susan Hartman, Susan Henderson, Judy King, Jean McLachlan, Adele McCleary, Ronnie McKinney, Brad Marrs, Sherry Lasserre, Kay Owens, Jimmy Pearson, Peggy Putnam, Dennis Redding, Ennis Redding, Peter Rusteburg, Dick Speed, Charles Stormont, Diane Swoboda, Bill Urban, Joe Staff, John West, Mary Alice Woodruff, Carol Timme and Nancy Smith of Goliad. Assisting the host and hostesses were Grace and Chic Zirjacks, and David Hill.


May 22 - A teacher who has taught children for 10 years at Rowland Elementary, Betty Mowdy, was recognized Thursday by Victoria school trustees as the symbolic "teacher of the year."

Mrs. Mowdy, graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, was presented a flower arrangement in the Education Center's board room and applauded by fellow educators Thursday afternoon.

Superintendent Larry Vaughn told the group she represents "all of our good teachers in the district."

Mrs. Mowdy, who has been teaching 29 years, majored in biology and minored in chemistry in college at Durant, Okla., and then later returned to the university classroom for 40 hours of credit in elementary education.

A former teacher in Port Lavaca and Garden Grove, Calif., she moved to Victoria in 1977, when she joined the Victoria school system. She has spent the last decade teaching fourth-and fifth-graders.

A believer in community service, she is active in Alpha Delta Kappa, a sorority for women who are educators, and was founder of the Epsilon Zeta chapter in Victoria.

Mrs. Mowdy taught herself to use a computer and finds it useful for preparing lesson plans. She encourages children to make the most of their creative abilities, including creating short dramas, puppet plays, media interviews and poems.

As an elementary teacher, she has helped children with every project ranging from science fairs to square-dancing to Hillbilly band performing. The job is always challenging, says Mrs. Mowdy, and she likes children.

The board's creation of the "teacher of the year" designation is new this year and is designed to indicate the board's respect and admiration for teachers in the school system.



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