Ask Chuck: Yes, it is possible to ... wink with mink

By Charles Colson
May 17, 2012 at 12:17 a.m.

I'm not sure if I dreamed this up or read it somewhere. I know there are several types of fake eyelashes, but is it really true that they are available in mink?

Yes. For some time, mink eyelashes have been quite popular. I remember even in the 60s, we couldn't keep them on the shelves because they were in such demand.

They were popular mainly because of their various selections of colors. They could be styled thick or thin, depending on your preference and facial features. I see even online today, mink eyelashes are still available.

Always use a professional to have them applied correctly. If you are ever looking for that different type of conversation piece, just try wearing mink lashes so you, too, can wink with mink.

My little girl's hair tangles quite often. Is there a miracle spray to apply so she doesn't have to wet her hair constantly and so brushing can be less painful?

Yes, there are certain hair sprays that have lanolin in them simply to untangle unruly hair. Several years ago, there was one called Happy Hair that was often used by hair stylists in contest work.

It was used then as a finish hair spray to give sheen to the style to draw the judges' attention. If you locate one, be sure and spray it sparingly. A little bit will definitely go a long way.

You can also drop a small amount of conditioner in your hands, rub them together, and work it through the hair. This is a perfect sunscreen method before getting in the pool for the summer. It is quite advisable and beneficial if your hair is color treated.

If your hair tangles easily, try not to use hair sprays with alcohol because of its drying effect. After any of these methods, your mission should be accomplished.

My hair seems extremely dry, no matter how much I condition it. I try to blow-dry it quickly, but that seems to not help. What's happening?

It sounds like if you are blow-drying your hair quickly, I bet you are using too hot of a temperature on the dryer. Try using a cooler temp and don't leave the blower too long in one section of hair. Also, it is equally important to make sure the blower is at least a foot or more away from your hair.

A good thought to help you dry the hair quicker and safer is to towel blot the hair before using the blow-dryer. Sometimes we are in such a hurry, the simplest remedies are forgotten.

Your hair can become extremely dry and brittle after much perming and/or coloring. Don't forget my article on using mayonnaise for that tiptop conditioning treatment.

Email me if you would like another article on its benefits. Just think, the solution could be right in your kitchen.

Can you advise us on a really good brush that easily controls the hair?

I realize this can be a tremendous problem in choosing the right brushes and combs that work easily through the hair. Several years ago, the choice was quite simple as there were only about three or four types to pick from.

Now there are dozens and some do not work well through any hair. First of all, when applying color to the hair, use a wide tooth color comb that will distribute the color evenly through the hair quickly so the processing time will work as directed.

When choosing brushes, always remember that soft tip brushes are much kinder to the hair. Wide spread tooth bristles work as fast as your fingers do when blow-drying. If you have set your hair in rollers, a close tooth nylon bristle brush will be perfect to get the natural look faster.

Feel free to examine them carefully at the store of your choice. Be kind to your hair and it will remain healthier looking.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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