Oceans For Emotions: God never stops looking over us

By Elaine Wheat
May 18, 2012 at 12:18 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

- Proverbs 31:10

As I was fishing off the beach front near Cox's pier across from Blind Bayou on the beach road to Indianola, I found a truly virtuous woman. Her actions made all the other rubies in the world look dull.

Fisher Man got his fisher Wife out of the car and handed her a light pole and a Zebco 808 reel, helped her get settled on a flat cement breakwater at ocean's edge and gave her one white Gulp lure with which to fish.

She cast about five feet out and laid the pole across her lap and said to me, "I don't like to fish. I am just pretending to fish because it makes the husband happy. I am really here just to keep an eye on him in case he needs help."

By then, Man had put on his waders, got his dip net and stringer and a beautiful rod and reel and was wading out with his yellow bait bucket full of live bait to fish waist deep in front of the private pier. He looked just like a little bump in the bay from where we sat, constantly casting away. Wife's eyes never left him.

Suddenly, Wife whined at me, "Wouldn't you know it. I think I caught a fish. To my amazement, she held the rod tip up and started pumping it up and down and winding her toy Zebco when she did. I yelled at her an "Atta go, girl. You really know how to fish." She looked and me and through a gritted smile acclaimed, "I'm not fishing."

"I'm trying to shake the dumb fish off. I can't mess with a fish and keep my eye on my husband at the same time." Now that is virtuous.

I asked her if it was OK if I got my long handled dip net and the next time she got it close to shore, I could dip it for her. She said that would be nice and then she could throw it back in. I mind mumbled, "Whatever."

The next time the unwanted fish swung by me, I swooped it up and then saw that is was a really big "saddle blanket" flounder. I don't guess I am a virtuous woman because I grabbed my stringer and had it strung on mine before the really virtuous woman could tell me not to.

She didn't even have a stringer anyway. Actually she never even took her eyes off her husband who had started fishing his way back in.

As Fisher Man sloshed out of the water, he said to his wife, "Let's move. The fish are too tight lipped around here." She virtuously agreed with him, but I had grabbed my stringer with her fish on it so I could non-virtuously show it to him and Wife shot me a glare that I haven't seen since Mom would beam one like that at me from the church choir when I was sitting in the back of the church with my wormy-squirmy friends.

Virtuous woman just nodded slightly at me then, and I knew to put the flounder back in the water on my stringer for it was mine.

Dear Lord, I marveled at that virtuous woman knowing I would never be like that. Then I realized that you are. You never take your eyes off of us as we go our way together.



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