A tutorial on double-bagging the paper

May 19, 2012 at 12:19 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Double Bagging:

Done right - good!

Done wrong - useless!

Those of us who live in the suburbs customarily have discovered/when our daily paper comes double-bagged/

the carriers of it think we will get rain./

But such double-bagging is a joke,/ because I must say holy smoke,/

Instead of putting the closed ends/

on opposite sides, they put them together,/

so the open ends will get the wet weather./

Such double-bagging only makes a double-thick container./

Maybe all this I should say/

in a more easily understandable way:/

"Put the rolled up paper in a bag/

and put the open end of that bag/

down into another bag, the same./

Then look at it and you will have discovered/

that both ends of the paper are covered,/

and you will have out-witted the rain."/

Note: This typewriter I am using is 77 years old. It was my high school graduation present when I was age 16.

Frances Adelhardt, Victoria



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